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From the Ashes Chapter One Part Five

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We gathered the bodies and brought them deep into the woods, and planned to come back later to burn them when no one else would be around to witness it. No one else saw the werewolves so I impressed upon the lieutenant and the other officer the importance of keeping their mouths shut. I didn’t want to erase their memories because if there was going to be another attack I didn’t want to have them be shocked about it.

The police did their jobs and dealt with the crime scenes the werewolves had created. Roy and I helped and pretended like we knew what we were talking about. Then we headed back to the station. Roy and I rode with the lieutenant and his other officer.

“You guys hunt monsters?” the lieutenant asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “That’s what we do.”

“Monsters can’t be real.”

“I can’t believe Johnson is dead,” the officer said absent-mindedly.

“Haven’t we established that they are?” I said to the lieutenant.

“It’s just so hard to believe,” he replied.

“Yeah, it is.”

“What do we do about the bodies?”

“Like he said,” Roy started, pointing at me. “We’ll burn them. Wes and I will go back later. That is going to smell.”

Have you ever smelled a burning werewolf? Who am I kidding, of course you haven’t. It is absolutely horrible. Imagine taking a dead deer and mixing it with a sewage plant. That’s why we have to do it deep in the woods, so no one will come and investigate.

Why do we burn the werewolves you ask? We can’t chance on anyone finding the remains so we reduce them to ash. It’s the best thing to do.

We got back to the station and everyone was pretty glum. Not only were two civilians killed but an officer as well. The lieutenant went away to contact the families of the victims. It was tough explaining to everyone how Johnson lost his head and we didn’t catch the monster. Roy and I kind of played the thing aloof. The only thing people would believe that could do a thing like that, besides a monster from a horror movie, is a bear. So, that is exactly how we were playing it.

“You think this town is safe?” Roy asked me.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I think it’s best if we stick around for a while in case more show up.”

“I agree. Why didn’t you wipe their memories?”

“If more monsters do show up I don’t want them to be surprised about it. They need to be ready and not in a state of shock.”

“Good point.”

“I know it is.”

“I will hit you, you know?”

“You can try.”

“Such an arrogant little prick.”

“I know.”

The lieutenant came back over to us.

“That was less than pleasant,” he said.

“What about Johnson’s family?” Roy asked.

“We’ll send a car to his house to inform his wife.”

Roy nodded his head.

“Are we safe?” the lieutenant asked.

“I hope so,” I replied. I really wasn’t sure.

“Lieutenant?” someone yelled.

“What?” he yelled back.

“You better come see this.”

We followed the lieutenant over to a TV screen where everyone was huddled. I’m going to go ahead and skip to the important part. There were animal attacks all over the country. This wasn’t just a coincidence.

“What is happening?” Roy asked openly.

These were not animals attacking. The monsters were rising…

From the Ashes: Chapter One Part Five

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