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From the Ashes Chapter One Part Four

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This was uncanny. I was surprised when there was one of them but now there were four of them, all in the daylight. I was sure that I would come out on top in the end but I wasn’t sure that I could keep everyone else alive.

“Everyone back up very slowly,” I whispered. “Don’t make any sudden movements.”

“What do we do?” Roy asked.

“You die,” one of the werewolves promised.

“They can talk?” the lieutenant asked.

“Your time is over, humans.”

“What does it mean?”

“That they are going to kill us, and maybe take over the world?” I suggested. Then they attacked.

It was very overwhelming and none of us were prepared for it. I took out my axes and managed to decapitate one of them right away. The other three went right for the humans. Roy was firing at them as best as he could but he couldn’t take on three of them. He had to be good at something, though. He was hunting before he met me.

I left him to deal with one and helped the two officers. They fired at the monsters but they were scared, so their shots were way off and really ineffective. I threw one of my axes and nailed one of them in the back. I then charged at it and, as it turned around, I swung my other axe right at its neck. It ducked, so I missed. As I landed it pounding me in the stomach, nearly knocking the wind right out of me. I recovered quickly and finished the job, cutting off its head. I cut off a lot of things’ heads.

The other one forgot about the officer it was going to eat and attacked me before I had time to prepare for it. It slashed me across the back, cutting me pretty good. I rolled away from it and swung at it to give myself some time to recover. It then attacked me again. I looked over at Roy and could see that he was a little cut up but he was alive.

The werewolf charged after me and tried to cut me again but the lieutenant fired at it and hit the thing in the back. It stumbled, giving me the edge that I needed, and I killed it.

“Thank you,” I said to the lieutenant.

He just nodded his head and pointed toward Roy. It looked like the hairy beast was getting the better of him. No, I didn’t mean Roy.

I took my axe out of the other werewolf’s back and hurled it as hard as I could. It pegged the monster in the side and brought it to the ground. Roy took a knee, trying to recover.

“You know I could have had that,” he said.

“Yeah,” I replied. “It looked like you really had a handle on it.”

I walked over to the werewolf. I must have hit something major because that shouldn’t have brought it down like that. It laughed at me.

“My death means nothing,” it taunted. “Do you think you have won here?”

“It kind of looks like we did,” I pointed out.

“You are blind.”

“Do you want to do the honors or shall I?” I asked Roy, referring to killing the monster. He just waved me off. “Cool.”

I raised my axe in the air.

“You cannot stop it, Wes,” the beast said.

I paused for a second.

“We’ll see about that,” I said, right as I brought my other axe down. It was done.

I looked around the area searching for more but it looked like there were no other monsters. When I got back to Roy I healed him with my blood.

“What are we supposed to do?” the lieutenant asked.

“We need to burn the bodies,” I told him


As we started to gather up the bodies, I wondered: how did it know my name…?

From the Ashes: Chapter One Part Four

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