24 Nov

From the Ashes Chapter One Part One

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My life was going to change. I had no idea it was coming but there was something big that was about to happen and things would never be the same. I guess I’m getting ahead of myself again. I tend to do that sometimes but I’m sure you’ve noticed that.

I don’t remember what town we were in. I’m not even sure if it was New Jersey or Delaware. It was probably New Jersey because who ever goes to Delaware? Anyway, I don’t remember because soon it would become very insignificant. There was a case of an animal attack, which may seem pretty normal, but the woman was torn apart. Not something you run into all the time so it was worth checking out.

We posed as Fish and Game, which was okay for us because Roy was old and I just acted as an intern. Reluctantly, we walked into the local police station to get some answers. We spoke to one of the deputies.

“It was horrible,” he told us with emptiness in his eyes. We saw the pictures so I could understand why this guy was shaken up about it. It was nothing I haven’t seen before so I didn’t lose my lunch or anything. I’m not insensitive; I’ve just been desensitized to that kind of thing, drawback of being a paladin. Sorry.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he continued. “There have been animal attacks before, maybe one or two deaths but nothing like this. It was like something you see in a horror movie, ya know?”

I did know, because it was probably just like a horror movie.

“No one saw anything?” I asked.

“No,” the deputy reassured me. “And the tracks looked like a wolf I was told but that’s a big wolf.”

It did look like a wolf, but too big. You know what that means boys and girls? You guessed it, a werewolf.

“Do you guys see this a lot?” the deputy asked Roy. He didn’t really look at me much. Probably figured that I didn’t know anything. What a jerk. He had no idea what I do and don’t know. I know more than Roy does.

“Very rarely,” Roy replied.

“What do you think it is?”

“Probably a bear.”

“Really? Didn’t look like a bear attack. You’re the expert on that, though, so what do I know?”

“We’ll go poke around the area and see what we can find.”

“I hope it’s nothing serious.”

“I’m sure it isn’t.” It is.

Roy and I stood up, as did the deputy.

“Did you need me to take you guys there?” the deputy asked us.

“We can get there,” I assured him.

“Okay then.”

We shook hands and headed for the front door.

“Lieutenant!” someone shouted.

“Yeah?” the lieutenant shouted back.

“There was another animal attack.”

“Last night?”

“No, right now. Someone could hear it happen.”

Roy and I stopped dead in our tracks.

“Right now?” the lieutenant asked.

“Yeah,” the guy replied.

“Let’s get down there right now. You two.” He pointed at us. “Come with us.”

Roy and I nodded our heads. We looked at each other and he was just as confused as I was. A werewolf attacked a person in broad daylight. That never happened. I told you, this is serious…

From the Ashes: Chapter One Part One

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