07 Nov

Creepy Crawlers Part Ten

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There really wasn’t a need to try to convince the police any longer because they could see the truth heading right for us.

“Still don’t believe me?” I asked the chief. He didn’t say anything. He was too dumbfounded to even move.

“I think we need to barricade ourselves somewhere,” Roy pointed out.

“What about all the people?” the chief finally spoke.

“Don’t have time right now,” I said. “Get in.”

We all ran back inside and closed the door.

“Do you guys have some sort of bomb shelter or something?” I asked.

“Not here,” the chief informed me. “There is one at the Town Hall.”

“Crap. We’ll need to get there. We can get as many people as we can.”

“What are we supposed to do?”

“Grab a big gun and fire at as many spiders as you can. I need a megaphone.”

One of the officers ran over to a cabinet and grabbed one. He then ran it back over to me.

“Let me do it,” the chief offered with a shaky voice.

“No,” I stopped him. “This is going to attract their attention and I would rather they come after me.”

“What makes you so special?”

“Trust me.”

We stood at the doors, ready to go out.

“What are you waiting for?” Roy asked me, annoyed.

“I’m scared,” I admitted.

“Stop being such a pansy-ass and get out there.”

Not that I was suddenly excited or motivated by his words of encouragement, but I pushed the door open. I had the megaphone in one hand and one of my guns in the other.

“GET TO THE TOWN HALL!” I shouted through the microphone. “GET TO THE TOWN HALL!”

Sure enough the spiders started coming after me.

“What are you doing?” I asked Roy as I took a couple of shots, crippling one of the spiders. He was standing right next to me.

“I’m going to help you,” he told me.

“Help by getting those people to safety.”

He looked back and forth between the spiders—they were only a hundred yards away at that point—and I. “Good idea.” He ran.

“Who’s the pansy?!”

The first spider reached me and I took a swing at it. It moved so fast that I hit nothing but air. I recovered quickly, however, and chopped right through its head.

One after another they came and I did a combination of shooting and chopping while flashing my beam of light every now and then. I was winning.

“This isn’t so bad,” I said out loud to the monsters I was slaying.

There was a loud thumping noise, louder than the spiders were making.

“What the hell is that?” I asked myself.

I wish I didn’t ask the question and just ran. There was a spider heading towards me whose body was as big as a Hummer…

Creepy Crawlers: Part Ten

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