03 Nov

Creepy Crawlers Part Eight

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There were so many of them—giant spiders coming to eat Roy and I. I have never been more terrified in my entire life. I thought it was bad when it was just one of them but this was horrible.

“Run?” Roy asked me, stating the obvious.

“Not that it will do any good, but yeah,” I replied.

We took off. Roy was a lot slower than I was and I didn’t feel comfortable just taking off without him, so I ran beside him so he wouldn’t get eaten. Well, he could still get eaten and so could I but at least I wouldn’t be a coward.

I chanced a look back and saw that the majority of the spiders had stopped running and were surrounding the dead one that I had just chopped in half. They were eating it. It was so disgusting. The one comforting thing was that if they were eating the other one then they might be less hungry and wouldn’t come after us. That was a false hope, however, because they still came running after us.

I took out my guns and started firing behind me. I managed to hit them but it didn’t really seem to stop the monsters, save for a couple of them. It did slow them down, which allowed us to stay alive longer.

“We need to get back to the car,” I said.

“I know,” Roy said back. “I don’t remember where we are, though.”

“Just follow me.”

I did remember where we needed to go. I have an amazing sense of direction—not to toot my own horn. We were no more than a couple hundred yards away from the edge of the woods and the spiders were right on our heels.

“Close your eyes!” I yelled to Roy.

“What?” He was confused.

“Just do it.”

He did as I suggested and I flashed my white light, blinding the spiders. It worked. Most of them stopped running while the others ran around in circles.

We reached the car and I didn’t wait to see if they were following us before heading back to town. All of the people that were by the web were gone but their cars weren’t. That made me nervous.

“This is so much worse than I thought,” Roy pointed out.

“There were just so many spiders,” I agreed.

“What are we supposed to do?”

“The last time a town was overrun by monsters I had Kelly blow up that town.”

“This town actually has innocent people.”

“I know, but we may need her help. I can only do so much. We don’t even know if that was all of them.”

“I really hope that was it.”

We made it back to the center of the town and things were even worse than we thought. Lining the woods on the way back was a lot more spider webs, and the closer we got the more frequent it got. I was really afraid of what we were going to see when we got back…

Creepy Crawlers: Part Eight

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