27 Oct

Creepy Crawlers Part Five

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We left the motel so we could go see the larger, even more terrifying, spider web. Outside the motel there were a lot of squirrels running around, more than I was used to seeing together. Obviously this place was a very quiet, peaceful place to be. Makes me wish I lived here. Except for the fact that there may be a giant, man-eating spider.

This time the web was right on the outskirts of the woods behind someone’s house, and it was so much larger than the last one. I tried not to think about what the size of the thing that created this might be. It made my skin crawl, pun intended.

There was a large crowd around the web again, with news vans and everything.

“Do we wait and come back?” Roy suggested again.

“No,” I said. “If there are spiders I’d rather be able to see it better in the daylight.”

“Good point.”

“Let’s go in from the woods over there and get behind this thing. I want to search for tracks and not be seen.”

“Lead the way.”

I entered the forest about a hundred yards away from the house with Roy in tow. Luckily there was no one in there and there was enough cover to hide us. We had to keep quiet though so no one would hear us.

I looked around the web in search of tracks but there was nothing there, again.

“It’s odd,” I pointed out.

“Well,” Roy began, clearing his throat, “you don’t see spider webs this big everyday.”

“Not that. There are no tracks. Even if this was a hoax there would be tracks from the people that put this stuff up.” It couldn’t be a hoax because I could feel the presence of a monster anyway. One of the perks of being a paladin.

“Maybe they are just good at covering their tracks?”

“I’d still see it.”

Then I looked up and it occurred to me that whatever is creating the webs could be traveling by using the trees. I looked around in the sky and tried to find something in the trees.

“What are you doing?” Roy asked.

“There could be no tracks because the spider is using the trees,” I pointed out to him, still looking up.

“Or spiders.”

I looked down at him. “Let’s pretend it’s just one.”


I looked up again and noticed a piece of web on a tree further into the woods.

“There,” I said, pointing straight at it.

“Hmm,” Roy hummed. “Look at that.”

We walked in that direction and found that there were more pieces of webs stuck in the trees all heading in one direction. I was pretty sure that we were going to find the monster that we were looking for any second.

“Look,” said Roy. He nodded his head for me to look in front of us.

There was another web the same size as the one we had just left.

“It’s around here somewhere,” I said. “I know it.”

We both circled around waiting to be attacked but we never were. There were also no more webs in the trees. We looked around for them for almost two hours and came up with nothing. What the heck was going on…?

Creepy Crawlers: Part Five

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