20 Oct

Creepy Crawlers Part Two

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I’ve given you my thoughts on spiders in the past. I’m not the biggest fan. And that’s when they are little, no bigger than the end of my finger. I just imagined what could have created something this big and it makes me shiver.

“You ever hear of spiders this big before?” Roy asked me.

“No,” I replied.

“Me neither.”

“I’d never heard of dragons before either.”

“Good point.”

I stared at it like it was the omen of my death, a symbol that my end was near. There were sounds of birds chirping but it didn’t lighten the feeling I had.

“You want to wait until everyone leaves and then come back tonight?” he suggested.

“You mean wait until dark when the thing will probably come back and eat us?” I responded. He nodded his head. “Sure.”

We did just that. We found a hotel in the middle of the town and got ourselves settled in. I hoped that we wouldn’t have to be there for that long but my life sucks so we probably would.

Julie texted me as we waited, in the hotel, to go back to the barn. We texted each other every now and then but I hadn’t talked to her in a couple weeks. She was the one that I met in Vegas. She was so beautiful and brave. I wished I could quit this life and go live there. That way I could spend all of the time in the world with her. We all know that’s impossible, though.

Back at the barn the spider web was still there, taunting me. At a close glance it really wasn’t any different than a normal web, other than the size of it. Each strand was half an inch thick. Of course, it was stronger, too.

“This had to be a spider,” Roy pointed out.

“What was your first clue?” I asked.

“Other things can make webs you know?”

“Not like this.”

“Yeah, but as far as we knew there no such thing as large spiders. Nothing bigger than the ones in the jungle anyway.”

“Fair enough.”

“What do you want to do?”

I looked back and forth a few times, trying to look for some sort of trail or anything, but there was there nothing. There wasn’t really much that we could do other than wander around and hope for the best.

“I don’t see any trails,” I said.

“Just a bunch of footprints from people wandering around,” Roy pointed out.

“You know what’s weird? There are no disappearances yet and this is from yesterday.”

“I know. You think this is just a fluke?”

“I don’t know, maybe. I would have figured there’d be a few people missing, maybe some family pets, but there are none.”

“Well, I don’t think we have anything. Let’s get out of here and search the woods tomorrow.”


There was a shuffling sound that came from the side of the barn. It sounded like quick footsteps, kind of like a spider. It turned out we were going to get to see the creature as we expected…

Creepy Crawlers: Part Two

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