15 Oct

Haunted House Part Nineteen

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We headed back into town, which took a few hours since we had to walk, and I called Rita to meet us. She sounded surprised on the phone, just as I had expected her to be. It was light out again by the time we reached the center and all of the shops were just opening up. We met at the same coffee shop we had the day before.

“Hello,” I said to her as she sat down. She flashed me a quick smile, but didn’t say anything.

I stared at her and waited for her to say something. I needed to be in control of this conversation.

“Did you get rid of them?” she asked quickly and quietly.

“No,” I replied. Roy seemed a little surprised by the attitude I put behind my answer. “But you already knew that didn’t you.”

She looked scared.

“Where’s my car?” I asked her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she lied. It was so obvious she was lying.

“Where is it?”

She looked like she had some reservations, so I leaned forward just to put a little fear into her.

“It’s at the junk yard,” she finally answered.

“If anything is missing I am going to be really mad,” I told her. Just so you know everything was all there.

“I have no idea what is going on,” said Roy.

“Regina needed a paladin,” I started.


“The ghost lady.”

“Oh right.”

“Anyway, she needed a paladin. We are in a short supply as of late, which leaves just me. She could wait and hope that I would eventually show up or she could lure me in.”


“William certainly can’t help with that because he is just a zombie. His wife on the other hand is more than capable of doing that.”

Roy looked back and forth between Rita and I a couple times before his brain finally figured it out.

“You’re William’s wife?” Roy asked the obvious. “How?” Rita didn’t say a word.

“Regina gave her eternal life since William had died,” I answered. “Or she was going to do it anyway.”

“So you’re not human anymore?”

“She’s something else. Ghosts can grant other’s eternal life but if the ghosts get removed from this world then so do they. And they don’t go somewhere pretty.”

“Do we kill her?”

Rita jumped at that one.

“No,” I answered him. “When she gets back to Regina I’m sure she will be a little more than displeased.”

With that little chestnut I walked away leaving Rita with her thoughts. Roy followed me out.

“We’re just going to let her go?” Roy asked me.

“Yeah,” I said. “Either Regina will take care of her or she’ll run away. Since I’m the only paladin and she can’t trick me again then she’ll have no use for her.”

“Good point. We have to get rid of that statue.”

“I know, but I’m not really equipped to destroy it. We can’t go back right now because she’d know we were coming. We’ll have to come back at some point and hope no one goes in there.”

It was the best we can do. Honestly the last disappearance was years ago because people were smart enough to stay away. I would come there some day and destroy it.

CASPER! That’s what this reminded me of. The lady hired Bill Pullman, or Paxton, whoever it was to get rid of the ghosts in the mansion…

Haunted House: Part Nineteen

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