10 Oct

Haunted House Part Seventeen

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The first ghost, ever. To me it just seemed like an outrageous claim but when you figure what I had been running into over the past year, who knows? I tried to keep my composure, not giving away the fear rising inside of me.

“The first ghost, huh?” I asked redundantly.

She just nodded her.

“I thought that prince guy was the first one,” I said.

“Prince Gregory?” she asked me. “He was nothing.”

“Just really old I guess.”

“I died in 5000 B.C.”

“How can you speak English then?”

“I have been around long enough to learn.”

“How are you here?”

“You see that object that your hairy, big toothed friend is stuck to over there?” She pointed to the werewolf that was stuck on the spike.

“That’s not my friend,” I pointed out.

“That was a statue made for me.”

“It’s just a spike.”

“William learned about me on a trip to Lithuania. I have been transported to many places over the years and have taken many lives for the sake of my own. I promised him the prospect of eternal life.”

“Why him?”

“Because he had the resources and the motivation. There were many before but none of them worthy.”

“I’m guessing that you need souls in order to get free?”


“And he was gathering those souls?”


“Then why did you kill him?”

She laughed.

“I did not kill him,” she defended herself. “One of his victims got the better of him.”

“I certainly did,” said Jonathan, who fell from the sky.

“I kept William as he is because I am tied to him, and now Jonathan is being punished.”

“No punishment for me. I enjoy it.” I could hear the sarcasm hidden in his voice.

“Right,” I said. “Now what?”

“Now I have to kill you,” said the ghost. Let’s just name her Regina. “And then I am free.”

“I don’t think so.” I spoke the words that would banish her, but she didn’t go anywhere.

“Did you really think it would be that easy?”

I knew I needed to destroy the statue that the werewolf was pegged on but there was no way I could do that, not easily. I was pretty sure that Roy and I were both going to be dead very soon.

I looked over at him, wondering if it was going to be the last time I ever saw him, or anybody for that matter.

Regina flew at me like a bat out of hell. I jumped to the side and rolled, avoiding certain death. Before I stood up she slammed into me with amazing strength. I flew into the spike and bounced off it like a super ball.

“Time to pay the price, Wes Parker,” she taunted.

I prepared for my death. But then I looked up and saw something I honestly did not expect…

Haunted House: Part Seventeen

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