09 Oct

Haunted House Part Sixteen

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There she was, the ghost with the voice that had been taunting me. She was surrounded by a bunch of other ghosts and a man that looked like a zombie. I wondered who that might be.

“You’re a woman?” I asked, confused.

“Were you expecting something else?” she asked me.

“Kind of. You sound like a man.”

“I am not.”

“You sure sound like it.”

“Silence.” Her voice boomed with an echo, making my skin crawl even worse than it already was.

I looked over at Roy who looked like he wanted to cause me some physical harm. I really can’t help it. I feel the need to mock or insult people, or in this case ghosts, at times of stress because it calms me down. Who am I kidding? I insult people all the time. It’s how I am. Deal with it.

“I am glad to see that you made it to the end of the maze,” she said.

“Well, with old Johnny Boy helping me I almost didn’t,” I pointed out. Of course she already knew that.

“He can be difficult, but he is rather useful.”

“Who’s the stiff?” I pointed at the zombie.


“That’s what happened to William?” She nodded her head. “Things certainly didn’t work out for him.”

“He got what I promised him.”

“And what was that?”

“Eternal life.”

I looked back and forth between the woman ghost and William.

“Something tells me this isn’t what he had in mind.” I’m sure she knew that, too.

“It does not matter what he expected,” she said matter-of-factly. “I lived up to my promise.”

“You’re not exactly alive, so you didn’t live up to anything.”

That one earned me a solid punch in the chest. She sent one of the ghosts to do it and it kind of hurt. I rolled backwards right into one of the hedges.

“Are you finished?” she asked me.

“Yeah,” I lied.

“I have been waiting for you.”

“Ah crap. Why?”

“You sound disappointed.”

“Whenever someone says they’ve been waiting for me it means something very unpleasant. Let me guess, you are a very old ghost and you are gathering a bunch of ghosts to rule the world?”

She didn’t say anything. She only smiled.

“You see what I mean?” I asked her.

“William was very critical for me being here,” she told me.

I just nodded my head.

“What is all of this?” I pointed at everything around us.

“A means to an end,” she said. “You are the last piece of the puzzle.”

“What puzzle?”

“My return.”

“Who are you?”

“The first.”

“First what?”


Yep, that was happening…

Haunted House: Part Sixteen

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