06 Oct

Haunted House Part Fifteen

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None of the ghosts actually attacked me but they were whirling around me like a tornado. Every few seconds, a werewolf’s arm would swipe at me. Sometimes they connected with me and I suffered a few more cuts. I was getting very frustrated.

One of the werewolves went to slash me across the chest, so I grabbed its arm and threw it into the other one, knocking them both over. The ghosts were still moving around me, making it almost impossible to see. I needed to get out of that little area, and fast.

“I need to get rid of you guys,” I said.

As quickly as I could I spoke the chant to expel all of the ghosts. They would be back at some point but at least they were gone for now.

I looked back and forth, searching for a good way out when one of the werewolves tried to attack me. I saw it coming at the last second. I leapt into the air and used the werewolf as a jumping point. It was exactly what I needed to get out of there. I soared through the air and above the hedges. It wasn’t quite enough to make it all the way over but I landed right on top. I didn’t waste any time and started running.

“If I stay on top, I can probably get to the end faster,” I said out loud.

“No you don’t,” someone yelled.

I turned to the left to see a ghost heading right for me. Luckily I saw her in time and just ducked. What I didn’t see was the ghost from the other side, so they knocked me right over. I didn’t get a chance to see if it was a he or she.

“This maze sucks,” I complained.

“That is a matter of opinion,” said John, showing up from out of nowhere.

“Oh yay, you’re back.”

“Of course. I’m here to guide you.”

“To where? You just led me into a trap.”


I let out a long sigh. I wondered if this guy was once a nice person, but I got the distinctive feeling that he wasn’t. Ghosts don’t just change their personality because they are dead. They are who they are.

“Are you going to help me?” I asked Jonathan. “At all?”

“Not really,” he answered me honestly.

“You know I’m going to get rid of you, right?”

“I am honestly not sure what has taken you this long.”

I spoke the words and he was gone. I hoped it would be a long time before he ever showed back up.

I heard a howl come from behind me. I turned around and saw the two werewolves running right towards me. I wasn’t in the mood to fight them so I started running. Hold back your judgments.

As fast as I am, werewolves are much faster, so eventually they caught up to me. I had no choice but to fight. I decided to fight back with a more aggressive, powerful approach. I double punched the first werewolf, sure that I broke something, and it flew back into the other one.

We went back and forth for a little while, wasting a lot of time. I grabbed one of them by the head and then ran along the hedge, twisting its neck as I did so. The wolf fell. The other one suddenly attacked me like it was a rabid animal. I put my reflexes into overdrive to avoid being mutilated by the thing and barely came out of it alive. I did, though.

I jumped off one of the hedges and went back and forth to each side of the pathway, going higher with each jump, until I finally reached the top. I started running. I looked back and saw that the werewolf followed me up.

“You certainly are a persistent breed,” I muttered.

“Flesh,” it yelled.

“Yeah, yeah.”

I looked further up ahead and saw that there was a large opening and I knew that I had to get to it.

“Follow me, jackass,” I taunted the werewolf.

The opening was 10 feet in front of me and the werewolf was five feet behind. I leapt in the air and twisted around so I could see the monsters. It had jumped right after me and was flying right for my face. As it hit me I grabbed it, spun in the air and whipped it toward the ground. Luck was on my side because there was a spike in the middle of the ground.

I landed on the ground with a soft thud.

“Ha!” I shouted at the dead wolf.

I looked around and saw where I was. It was like some sort of alter for the son of the devil. The feeling I mentioned earlier washed over me like a 40-foot wave. I almost fell over backwards. Then I saw Roy, strapped up to a pole like some offering.

“We’ve been waiting,” said the voice. I turned around, but I wish I hadn’t…

Haunted House: Part Fifteen

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