03 Oct

Haunted House Part Fourteen

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I only had a second to think before the werewolves attacked me. Jonathan was gone—no surprise there. Luckily I had my axes by my side. Oh, wait a minute, no I didn’t. I didn’t even have a gun on me either. Did I walk into that house unarmed or did I lose them at some point? I felt so incredibly stupid. They would have been useless against the ghosts but I could have really used them at that moment.

The first one jumped in. Relying completely on my hand to hand, I darted to the right, grabbed the werewolf by the head and slammed it into one of the hedges. I could have sworn that I heard something crack but that didn’t put the werewolf down. It came at me again.

Another one of the werewolves went to attack me from behind. I did a backflip right over the beast so that the two werewolves collided together. They both fell to the ground. There was still another one, though. If I hadn’t known before I would have certainly known after it slashed me across the back. I yelled in pain and did a somersault to avoid another gash.

“I hate you hairy monsters,” I spat. One of the werewolves responded by taking a quick, strong swing at my head. I ducked and let its massive paw narrowly miss my skull.

While the werewolf was vulnerable I drove my fist into its kidney. It yelped in pain and hunched over a little. I jumped up as quickly as I could and wrapped arms around its oversized neck. I was about to snapped its neck like a ninja but one of the other werewolves grabbed me and threw me into the hedges. They must have had steel behind all of the growth because it was very, very solid.

I wasn’t so sure how much longer I was going to last without my axes. Before you start judging me, yes I can take on three werewolves. But, it is very difficult to fight them in a space only ten feet wide with no weapons. Not exactly an easy thing to do.

While I was on the ground one of the werewolves dove at me with its mouth open, itching to eat my face.

“Flesh,” it breathed. I told you it wanted to eat my face.

“That’s what I am made of, yes,” I said, stating the obvious.


“I can imagine.”


“Yes you said that.” I was having trouble holding the thing back. Why were none of the other ones attacking me yet?


These monsters must of have been locked up for a long time. They had completely lost their minds.

“I really don’t want you to eat me,” I said.

With quick hands and a twist of my body I was next to the giant wolf with my hands prying its mouth apart. A werewolf’s mouth is stronger than a shark but I was doing well enough. I put an extra effort and pulled as hard as I could. I could tell you the next part but I think can figure out what happened. Let’s just say the werewolf was definitely dead.

“Okay,” I began, “who’s next?”

“Hungry,” one of them said.

“Flesh,” said the other.

“I’ll just pick one then,” I stated.

“Or we’ll pick,” said a voice.

Just then a large group of ghosts swarmed me, giving me no chance at leaving. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; I was in big trouble…

Haunted House: Part Fourteen

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