19 Sep

Haunted House Part Nine

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“Tell me you heard that,” I said to Roy.

“Heard what?” he asked me.

“The voice.”

“What voice?”

“The voice that just whispered that I was going to die.”

“There was no voice. You going crazy on me now?”

“We are in a house full of ghosts. Obviously, one of them spoke to me. Remember that I am a paladin and can hear more than you can.”

“I just think you are going crazy.”

Maybe I was but I definitely heard someone speak to me and it was a very unsettling. I have been threatened more times than I can count but having some creepy voice telling me that I was going to die tonight made my skin crawl. Even though I am a paladin it doesn’t mean that things can’t make me nervous. Oh my, a weakness, stop the presses.

I started walking around so I could find another way out. I figured it would be better if we split up so we could cover more ground.

Did that ghost say today? What time was it? I honestly lost track but did he mean that it was going to be before nightfall or did he just not know the difference between day and night? Maybe he meant tonight but said today. No need to worry about that now.

I went back to the torture room figuring that I might find something. I didn’t. Just a bunch of tools used to cause others pain. I really wanted to know what this monster was doing, so I took another gander in the journal. I skimmed through as quickly as I could and skipped ahead, a lot.

October 16, 1894

I am close. The closest I have been since the beginning of my experiments over two years ago. I can feel it in my bones, in my soul that I will achieve what I have moved here for. I left my home in New York to be here. It will all be for a very worthy cause.

There was still nothing in the journal about what the man, William, was doing, but he had been doing it for over two years and in that time there were a lot of people that he killed, many innocent souls. I guess I’m not 100 percent sure that all of them were innocent but I highly doubt that William took the time to find criminals, nor did he care if they were or not.

I flipped to the next page but it was blank.

“What the heck?” I said to myself.

I kept flipping pages but the rest of the journal had nothing in it.

“What happened?” I asked no one.

Whatever William was trying to do, I wasn’t so sure that he had finished it. I began to wonder if anyone had been down in the basement since William had died or whatever happened to him.

I heard a scream.

“Roy?” I yelled back like an idiot. I knew it was him that screamed and I knew that he wasn’t going to be able to answer me.

He screamed again.

“I’m coming buddy,” I shouted. I hoped he heard me that time. I also hope that he wasn’t dead yet either.

I rounded a corner and ran straight into the room I know I heard the scream come from but there was no one in there. I looked back and forth a few times, as if something was going to appear out of thin air, but there was nothing new.

“Where the hell did you go?” I had come from the only way that Roy could have gone.

I realized that I was in the room with bookshelves that gave me a bad feeling.

“What is going on in here?” I asked the open air.

I turned back around. Remember what I said about things appearing out of thin air? Well, I had more than 10 ghosts standing there staring at me. I felt my heart hit the floor.

“Hi,” I said…

Haunted House: Part Nine

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