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Haunted House Part Four

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When the chair was inches from my face I shifted my body to the right so it passed right by me. It felt like I was in the Matrix being a wicked badass. The only thing is a badass wouldn’t have let the chair crash into Roy. He yelped with surprise and was knocked off the piano.

I didn’t have time to check on him right then, though, because I was more worried about whatever had thrown the thing at me. Plus Roy was a big boy and the chair wasn’t that large.

Looking back and forth I tried to get a lock on whatever threw it but there was nothing that I could see. I went to the room the chair was previously closest to and looked in there but there was nothing. Weary, I went back to Roy to check on him.

“Sorry about that,” I said. “I probably should have just knocked it out of the way.”

“Yeah, that might have been a good idea,” he spat.

“I’m not used to having someone with me, you know.”

“I’ve been with you long enough you would have figured you’d remember that I was there.”

“My instincts kicked in and my body responded. Suck it up.”

“Little ungrateful jerk.” He muttered that last part under his breath but he might have forgotten that I am a paladin and that the house was deathly quiet, so I still heard him. I didn’t bother responding to it, however, because I’m better than that.

Feeling that the room we were in was okay we decided to venture out into the rest of the house in search of the supernatural being that was haunting this domicile. It was decided that splitting up was the best thing to do. It was nice having someone else to split the workload with. It made everything go a lot faster.

I was in the kitchen and it was probably the largest kitchen that I had ever seen. Sure it was covered in dust and practically empty but I could imagine that in its heyday this place was amazing. Now it was just an oversized piece of crap taking up unnecessary space. I wondered if the lady cared about all of the furniture that was in the place because there was no telling what kind of condition it was going to be in after we were done with it.

Absentmindedly, I turned on the faucet to see if it would work. It didn’t. I continued to peruse around the kitchen, searching for signs of anything but came up short. It was starting to look like it was a ghost, or several, that was haunting this house. How much I hate ghosts is something that can’t be measured. I hoped that I was wrong.

Roy and I searched the first two floors and found nothing but old belongings and more dust. All we had left was the basement and I had a strong feeling that the monster inside would reveal itself down there.

“You want to go first?” I asked Roy as we stood at the top of the stairs.

“No,” he admitted.

“I didn’t think so.” I pushed passed him and headed down.

The steps were made of stone and the basement was much more elaborate than I had expected it to be, especially for such an old building. There were a series of hallways with doors running under the house like a giant maze. Funny story, there is a hedge maze outside but I’ll get to that fun stuff later.

“Let’s take this door to door then,” said Roy.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

The first door led to an empty room. It was nothing but cement and dirt. Why was the floor dirt and not cement? Oh well.

“Uh, Wes?” Roy called my attention. He was still standing in the hallway.

“What?” I asked him.

He didn’t respond.

“What?!” I repeated, a little more aggravated.

After no response again I looked out in the hallway. All he was doing was point down the hallway, looking like he’d seen a ghost. That might have been because he did see a ghost.

There was a little girl at the end of the hallway, maybe 11 years old, with a white dress. She was extremely pale and was covered in bruises. Plus the dress was all torn. I don’t know what it is about little kids but they are just creepy as hell when they are in a horror story.

The girl started running right at us. There was no mistaking that she was a ghost…

Haunted House: Part Four

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