21 Aug

Under-Dwelling Part SevenPart One, Part Two, Part Three, Part FourPart FivePart Six

I wasn’t really scared. Yes they are fast but they aren’t that strong. Compared to me that is. It was just one mantis. That is of course if we were lucky because the truth is that there were probably six of them at least.

We were walking down the tunnel towards the monster and the more than likely dead homeless man. I followed Roy’s lead because he seemed to have a little more experience being underground walking around in the sewers. That was something that I should probably talk to him about.

As we approached the monster we could hear the thing eating the man. There was the sound of squishing flesh and bones snapping. It was really gross.

“How do you want to do this?” I whispered.

“I figured we would just run at it and kill it,” Roy replied.

“As sensible as that sounds, let’s pretend that there may be more than one of them around the corner. We should probably come up with some sort of strategy.”

“That might be a good idea.”

“You think?”

We stopped when we knew that the creature was right around the corner, slowly devouring its meal. I searched through my brain trying to figure out a smart way of handling it.

“Any ideas?” Roy asked me.

“Yeah,” I began, “you run in and distract it, and then I’ll cut it in half.”

“That doesn’t sound very favorable for me.”

“It’s not, but don’t you trust me?”

“Not really.”

“Too bad.”

“On three then?”

“You count.”

Roy shook his whole body, preparing himself for the fight about to take place. Then he took a few deep breaths.

“Are you going to take all day?” I asked him.

“Three,” he said and then barged around the corner.

I gave him a second and then followed right behind him, axes in hand. I could hear the thing screech as loud as could be when it saw Roy coming at it. When he was no more than a few feet away from it, he ducked down and the monster leapt into the air, coming right for me. With one swooping motion I spun around and chopped the thing right in half, just like I said I would.

The mantis fell to the ground with a thud and a splash. It was dead.

Roy got up and we stood back to back.

“There’s more,” I said. “There has to be.”

“Where are they?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but there is no way there is just one of them. There are always more of them lately.”

“Maybe not this time.”

We stood there for the longest time, just waiting. We were waiting for something that was never going to come, however.

After five minutes of waiting we realized that there really wasn’t going to be any more of them.

“Seriously?” I said.

“Wow,” said Roy.

“I don’t understand.”

“Maybe this monster didn’t get the memo.”

“So, we’re done then?”

“I guess so.”

We burned the monsters body and then left the sewer.

That was really it. It hadn’t happened in a really long time but there was only one monster to fight and kill. A part of me still couldn’t let go of the fact that there weren’t any more of them. You would figure that I would be satisfied with that fact but something about it just didn’t sit right. Are you disappointed…?

Under-Dwelling: Part Seven

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