02 Aug

Underdwelling Part One

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It had been a few months since my ordeal back in the White Mountains. Roy was doing a lot better. Enough so that I decided to take him out on the next adventure I was heading out to. I was back in a city, not New York but definitely a place that was way more crowded than I wanted it to be. I didn’t have much of a choice, though, because my job was to hunt monsters so I went where the monsters were. It was that simple.

I’m not really sure what the name of the city was but we were somewhere in the middle of North Dakota. The place smelled. I don’t know what it was but there was something in the city that let you know you were in a scummy place. I was more of a country guy myself. I enjoyed the clean air, especially the smell of fresh-cut grass. Not the smell of gasoline and raw sewage. Although, I was going to have to get used to that very soon. I’ll get into that in just a little bit, however.

We settled in a cheap motel that most people would go running from if they had any good sense, but when your life revolves around vampires, werewolves and a whole bunch of other monsters, it wasn’t that scary. I heard three screams and one gunshot within the first ten minutes of being there. Yes, of course. I dealt with the gunshot. Turns out the guy was just shooting spiders off the wall. I still knocked the guy out and took the gun. I couldn’t let him the shoot the wall and actually hit someone.

The streets were dirty. I mean they were so dirty that I felt like I was going to need new shoes by the time I got to the next intersection.

“This place sucks,” Roy pointed out.

“I noticed,” I agreed.

“Why did we come here?”



“So what are we after again?” Roy asked.

“An alligator in the sewer,” I replied.

I know. That sounds like a bad urban legend and it was. There was no such thing as giant alligators that live in sewers and eat city workers. There was definitely something that was down there but it certainly wasn’t an alligator. I wasn’t really sure exactly what it was yet but that is why we were there.

“What the heck would be living in the sewers?” he asked me. He didn’t say heck. I’ll let you imagine what he really said.

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “There is really only one way we are going to find out.”

“Sometimes I really hate this job.”

“Me too.”

“I’m not going down there without a gas mask. I have a thing with smells.”

I stopped to look at him. “You hunt monsters for a living and you have a thing with smells?”

“Yeah. Are you going to tell me you don’t have your pet peeves?”

“Not smells.”

“Let’s just go get some gas masks.”

“Gas mask. I don’t need one.”


We went to a store and purchased the gas mask that Roy so desperately needed. I was going to give him so much crap for that one. How could a guy who has been within two feet of a werewolf be afraid of the stench of a sewer?

Once he had his mask we needed to find out where to start looking. The city was pretty big and there were plenty of sewage drains, so there were a lot of places to start. In the interest of finding the thing as quickly as possible we figured we would ask around.

After talking to a few people we had 10 different places to start, which means we had zero ideas.

“That was completely useless,” I said.

“Yeah,” Roy agreed.

“Just pick a place, I guess.”


“Roy Winston,” came a deep voice from behind us.

We both turned around and there was a group of five men walking towards us, and they looked really angry. On top of that they were huge, like obvious steroid users.

“Oh crap,” Roy sighed.

We couldn’t even walk down the street without grabbing someones attention…

Under-Dwelling: Part One

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