28 Jul

King of the Hill Part Seven

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 As we ran toward our apparent deaths, I felt an overwhelming feeling of rage. It seemed like it came out of nowhere. I was mad that I needed Kelly’s help to fight a group of monsters. I was mad that this many monsters were gathering, something they have never done before, and I didn’t know why. I was mad that even if we did manage to kill the monsters Kelly and her team were just going to try to take me in anyway. So either way I was going to have problems no matter who won. Unless, of course, I was killed. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about it at all.

Kelly and her team started firing at the monster, actually managing to take some of them out. Most of them, however, were either too fast or too big to even notice. The minotaurs weren’t even phased when they were hit by a bullet and just kept charging down.

Eventually all of us met partway up the hill, or partway down if you were in the monster’s perspective, and we collided just like you see in the movies. Well, sort of like the movies. In reality I was really the only one who met the monsters head on. I don’t blame the humans for being afraid. If I didn’t have the power that I did I might be a sissy too.

One of the basilisks attacked me with a troll right behind it. The snake monster slashed with its curved sword at my head but I ducked out of the way. That was when the troll swung its giant club and nailed me right in the face. My whole body jerked backwards and I was actually lifted in the air by the sheer force of the swing. When I landed I immediately rolled out of the way. I knew the basilisk was going to attack me and he did, but because I saw that coming I was able to move out of the way in time.

As I rolled out of the way I swung my axe and chopped the thing in half. It started wiggling around and convulsing while it hissed in pain. It was a horrible thing to see but I thought it was hilarious. Hey, if it were me in the same position it would be feeling the exact same way.

The troll that gave me a bloody nose took another swing at me but I jumped to the left. Then I leapt at it and buried my weapon into its chest.

The battle raged on and many monsters fell. I did notice that some of Kelly’s agents were lying on the ground too but I knew there was going to be some casualties. I tried to ignore that, though. I didn’t have time to worry about that right then.

“Wes!” I heard Kelly shout. I searched through the crowd and found her pinned down by one of the ogres. It didn’t look to good for her.

I darted across the hill as quickly as I could and then tossed one of my axes right at the ugly monster. It hit the thing in the arm so it reeled back away from Kelly. I then swung my axe up and severed its head. Some blood poured onto Kelly but she didn’t care. I kicked the ogre off her and helped her up.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No problem,” I replied.

“We seem to be winning.”

“Amazingly. Power by numbers.”


“You guys get good training huh?”

“That we do.”

One of the trolls broke up our little conversation by knocking me into a tree. I left a crack in the old oak and it started to tip. Before I was squished I jumped out of the way and, funny enough, it actually landed on the ogre. It didn’t kill him but it certainly knocked him out. Kelly had jumped out of the way. We both just nodded and re-joined  the battle.

As the fight continued monsters continued to fall—as did some of the agents. I had no idea that when I had woken up that day that I was going to be in an all out battle.

Another basilisk tried to kill me and, after a little back and forth with a couple cuts to me, the basilisk fell to the ground. I was certainly enjoying that I was able to kill a bunch of monsters.

All of sudden there was an eerie calm on the mountain and all of the monsters stopped fighting. All of us looked around trying to figure out why they had stopped and that is when I saw him. The guy that had been popping in and out of my life was there. He stalked down the hill towards me with his trench coat and hat he always had on, covering his face.

I knew this guy was bad, I’ve fought with him before, but why did all the monsters stop fighting when he showed up? Anyone who had that much power over that many monsters, scared the crap out of me.

Without even wasting a second he attacked me. He moved so fast I had trouble keeping up with him. A block here and a punch there. I was getting beat up, bad.

I went to cut him down with my axe but he blocked me with his right arm and then hit me in the head. Guess what? I was knocked out again…

King of the Hill: Part Seven

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