19 Jul

King of the Hill Part Four

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I didn’t get knocked out. I was a little disoriented from being pummeled in the back of the head but I was still conscious. I was being dragged and when I looked up I could see that it was an ogre that was pulling me. I needed to get out of there and I needed to do it fast.

The basilisk was walking behind us, ready to stop me when I tried to do something. So, I had to be quick about it.

As quickly as I could, I flashed the beam of light out of my hands, which distracted them just like I needed it to. I then managed to get one foot free and used my other foot to kick the ogre in the head. Then I rolled back and kicked the basilisk in the chest with both of my feet. The snake rolled backwards until it slammed into a tree.

I cut down the ogre first and then went after the basilisk but all of the other monsters must have heard us because they were heading towards me. Before I could kill the snake monster, one of the minotaurs threw a spear at me with ridiculous speed. I barely made it out of the way in time. I did though of course, but it was time to run.

With as much speed as I could muster I ran down the mountain, trying to get away from the large mob of creatures that were definitely going to kill me. Somehow I managed to put enough distance between them and I so that I could lose their trail. Yes they do have a keen sense of smell but we paladins don’t put off a scent.

When I knew I was safe enough I whipped out my phone and made the call I had no intention of making.

“Where are you?” Kelly asked me as soon as she answered.

“Look,” I began, “forget about whatever you want with me for right now.”

I explained what was happening.

“Are you kidding me?” She was shocked. Anyone would be.

“Unfortunately I’m not,” I assured her.

“You need to get out of there.”

“I agree but that isn’t going to be easy. Plus, we can’t just let them run amuck.”

“I know. We can do what we did with the werewolves?”

“Not a chance. There are way too many people around the mountain.”

“What do you suggest?”

I took in a deep breath and let out a long sigh.

“I need you guys to come out here,” I admitted.

She didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “We’ll be there within the hour.”

“I don’t really know if I have an hour.”

“You’re going to have to.”

She then hung up the phone. How were they able to travel around so quickly?

There was a rustle from the bush behind me, so I whipped around with my axes ready at my side. There was nothing there, though.

I called Roy.

“Hey,” he said. “What did you find?”

I filled him in.

“You need to get out of there,” he said. “And then we need to get out of here.”

“Kelly’s team is on the way,” I said.

“Then we definitely need to get out of here.”

“I can’t just leave it all to them.”

“We can’t let them take us either.”

“Take me.”


“Can’t let them take me. They’re after me not you.”


“Listen.” I stopped short. I looked around and all of the monsters were completely surrounding me. There was no escape…

King of the Hill: Part Four

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