09 Jul

King of the Hill Part Two

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Against my better judgment I continued up the giant hill. There were still many animals passing by me as I made the climb, and huge flocks of birds flying above. I have never seen animals act like that, except for in movies. And that usually meant that there was aliens or a big Earth changing storm was coming. I don’t think the ice age was coming and as far as I know there were no aliens. I’m not going to say aliens don’t exist. I think it would be pretty silly to think there isn’t alien life somewhere out in the universe I just don’t think there were any at the top of this mountain.

Eventually all of the animals were gone and it was just me. Once the sound of the stampede dissipated the forest was way too quiet. It was like those quiet moments when you know something terrible is about to happen. Of course, my life is all about monsters so I usually have those kinds of moments all the time.

My phone started to ring. I kept it on vibrate but it was still audible on the quiet mountain.

“Hey,” I said, into the phone.

“You find anything yet?” Roy asked me.

“No, but I think I’m in the right place.”

“Why do you say that?”

Wes quickly explained to Roy what was happening. Wes? Did I just refer to myself in the third person? Maybe this isn’t Wes Parker. Maybe I am just the figment of someone’s imagination just for pure entertainment. Ha, just kidding. Would I make this stuff up? Anyway, back to reality.

Roy was silent for a couple of seconds.

“I know you’re a paladin and everything,” he began, “but this sounds like something that you either walk away from or get some help.”

“I never walk away,” I informed him. “And who’s going to help me, you? I can’t call Kelly because she’s a little angry about me being on TV.”


“She’ll get over it.”

We stayed silent for a bit as I continued the walk up the mountain. He was probably right. Whatever was at the top of the mountain was probably more than I could handle, but I always got myself into terrible situations. So, I wasn’t going to just walk away from this one.

“Look,” I began, “I’ve been in worse situations. I can handle this.”

“I can’t stop you,” Roy pointed out.

“No, you can’t.”

I hung up the phone.

Then, again, I started walking back up the mountain, heading toward my inevitable doom. I started to think that maybe it was elves again. That would certainly explain the odd behavior of all the animals. But it would be way too coincidental that they were in the mountains again. Plus the last time that I had a run-in with the elves it didn’t end too well. So, here’s to hoping.

What if it were ghosts? Ghost would send animals into a fritz, especially if there were a lot of them. Oh please don’t let it be ghost.

A few hours later I was nearing the top of that mountain. I don’t know how high the mountain was but I can move really fast so it didn’t take me that long, I think. I could hear some chanting coming from the top of the mountain. I stopped, weary of what was ahead of me. It sounded loud and it sounded like there was a lot of whatever it was.

I crept up to the top and then stayed hidden behind a tree. I looked on in shock. Not only was there a crap ton of monsters, but there was a crap ton of different kinds of monster. They were all gathered and it looked like they were getting along. This was worse than the vampires and werewolves. I really was screwed…

King of the Hill: Part Two

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