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King of the Hill Part One

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Hey. It’s been a while. Last time we talked I was dealing with dragons. That was a lot of fun. Roy and I kept running for a while, trying to stay away from Kelly and the agency. So far we seemed to be safe but we didn’t want to take any chances. I honestly didn’t think she was going to come after me anyway.

We watched the news story over and over when we had reached the next motel and luckily my face wasn’t visible, but if anyone looked hard enough they might recognize me. I couldn’t wear my jacket for sure. We jumped from motel to motel until eventually we found ourselves in Vermont. Roy was still in bad shape so I couldn’t let him go off by himself. Although, given how much time I’ve spent alone it was nice to have some company for once.

It was mid-morning and there was a slight overcast. We were somewhere near the White Mountains when it hit me. It felt like all of sudden we were driving through water. There was something near us and it was significant.

I started to slow down the car.

“Why are you slowing down?” Roy asked me.

“There’s something nearby,” I informed him.

Roy was looking at his phone. “There’s nothing weird in the news.”

“I can feel it. Trust me.”

“Feel what?”

“I can feel when there is a monster is around. Didn’t Drake tell you that?”

“No. Guess it wasn’t that important since I’m human.”


“So you guys cheat?” Roy teased.

“It’s not like I can pinpoint their exact location,” I explained. “It just helps to know that I am in the right area.”

Roy just nodded his head.

I pulled the car to the side of the road and got out. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to accomplish by wandering but the pull from this monster was so strong that I just couldn’t help it. It felt the same as when I had the run in with the elves in Colorado. I really hoped this mountain thing was just a coincidence.

After aimlessly looking around I got back into the car.

“What are you doing?” Roy asked me.

“We have to go up the mountain,” I said.

“We? You mean you. I don’t think I’m exactly in shape to go mountain climbing.”

“What’s the matter? You scared?”

“No. I just know my limits and I’m not an idiot.”

“Fair enough. We’ll drop you off at a motel and I’ll go up the mountain myself.”

We drove around for a bit until we found a motel suitable enough for Roy. He wasn’t very picky and neither was I so it wasn’t that difficult. Once he was settled in I went out by myself and found the same spot that we were at before. I wasn’t really sure that it was the right place to be but it felt like a good place to start.

I headed up the mountain with my axes and Desert Eagles and minimal food. I was hoping not to be in there for that long and that was going to be my mistake. I was a little distracted by the overwhelming energy I felt emanating from the mountain in front of me.

When I was about two hours into the climb I thought I heard a noise from behind me, so I whipped out my axes and spun around, ready to attack whatever it was. After a few seconds of silence I started to move toward the sound, eager to find out what it was.

“Hello?” I said. I knew that if it was something stalking me I certainly wasn’t going to have the element of surprise.

There was no response.

“Is there anyone there?” I asked.

Eventually a little rabbit came out from behind the bushes and was bouncing right toward me. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“That was just you?” I asked it. It went right passed me. “Where are you going?”

I turned around just in time to see a bear charging right at me. I jumped out of the way to avoid being eaten and then prepared myself for a fight. It wouldn’t come to that, though, because the bear also just kept running. That is when I looked around and noticed there were a ton of animals all running down the mountain, away from something. What had them so afraid? When you see animals, especially all of them, acting like that then you know something is very wrong. I had a bad feeling that I did not want to keep heading up that mountain…

King of the Hill: Part One

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