24 Jun

It Happened in Vegas Part Twelve

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This was not a position that I wanted to be in. If it were just me and the dragon I would be fine. Well, no, I would still be screwed but at least I wouldn’t have two people to worry about.

The dragon walked towards us with slow, calculated steps, ready to pounce at any second. We all backed away, trying to keep as much distance from the thing as we could. It was less than 15 feet away. Julie and her dad were both breathing very heavily but luckily neither of them made any loud noises or quick movements.

“I’m going to distract the thing,” I informed them in a low whisper. “Then you two head for the door.”

“You can’t,” Julie whimpered.

“I can.” Without waiting I jumped at the monster.

We collided and it head butted me right in the shoulder where it had bit me earlier, which hurt. I had actually forgotten that happened. It tried to jump past me at the other two but I grabbed the thing by the tail and tore it to the ground.

“RUN!” I yelled. Julie and her dad took off.

I still had a hold of the dragon’s tail, so I whipped the thing off to the side and out a window. It managed to keep its balance in the air and turned itself around to face me. It let out another one of its high-pitched squeals right before it started flying back towards me.

I had both of my guns aimed forward and just started firing, hitting the monster several times. It still kept coming, though. When the dragon was a few feet away from me it reached out to grab me, but I dropped to the floor on my back and it just flew by. As I landed I aimed my guns and continued to fire, shooting upside down and backwards. Not an easy task.

It landed on the ground and whipped around to look at me. It then reeled its head back and started to suck in a lot of air. There was no way this thing could actually breath fire, could it? It could. I rolled out of the way and into a room, putting a wall between me and the fire. There was so much debris that it caught fire the moment the flames licked it.

I heard thumping as the dragon came running from around the corner, fire still shooting from its mouth. I started running as quickly as I could, trying to avoid the hot flames. The thing was fast so it was hard to get away but luckily I am quick, too, so I managed to keep it back far enough.

There was a weak wall ahead of me so I picked up my speed and busted right through it. I then jumped to the side so that when the dragon came through I could punch it right in the face, which I did. The thing let out a little squeak and ran off.

The dragon flew towards a window. I couldn’t let it get away this time, so I ran after it as quickly as I could. It smashed through the widow, creating an explosion of glass. I jumped out the window right after it and grabbed onto its wings. The thing just freaked out. It started flying around in all different directions and was squealing constantly. There was no way that anyone below didn’t see what was going on.

We flew around like it was missing a wing and ended up going halfway across the city in another slightly abandoned area. There seemed to be a lot of vacant buildings, more than I would have expected for this city.

The dragon plummeted onto a smaller building and we rolled around on each other until eventually I pushed myself away from it. Then it flew away. I really hated that it ran away, again.

My phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number.

“Hello?” I said.

“Wes?” came a male voice.


“This is Kevin. I work with Kelly. Where are you?”

“To be honest I’m not sure. Can’t you lock on my phone?”


“Okay, then do that.”

“Keep the line open.”

“Yup.” My phone beeped as another call was coming in. “I have another call. Hang on.”

I picked up the other call. “Roy.”

“We have a problem,” he said flatly.

Just then the dragon landed on the ground in front of me.

“You better make it quick,” I said, “because I’m a little busy here.”

“Another person went missing earlier, in the town we’re staying in,” he told me.

“How? The dragon has been here.”

I hate when I asked stupid questions. I really do hate it. There was a loud thud behind me. I dared to turn around and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was another dragon and it was bigger…

It Happened in Vegas: Part Twelve

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