23 May

It Happened in Vegas

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It had been three weeks since my run in with the werewolves and vampires. Roy was doing a lot better but he had been loaded with a lot of vampire venom, so he had a ways to go. He was just lucky that he hadn’t been bitten by a werewolf also. He would have died right on the spot.

If you’re just joining us, Roy is a human that fights monsters. I met him while hunting some vampires, which were working with werewolves. He got hurt really badly. If you’re confused go back to the last story “Hairy and the Vampires.” I’m not re-explaining everything. If you are still confused then go even further back.

We had stayed in the same motel for the first couple of weeks—who knows how much money that had cost—but eventually we had to leave. Roy was well enough to move so we took our chances.

We had driven across the country just to end up in another crap bag motel, but we had to. If I showed up in a fancy hotel I would have a better chance of being recognized. It was the nature of our job. We had left because, can you guess? Ding, ding, ding! There was another monster to hunt. Every day, all day there is another monster to hunt. I was literally going to be spending the rest of my life hunting them down and killing them. I don’t like to complain, though.

There were disappearances in a town that wasn’t too far from Las Vegas. I thought about maybe going through there if I had some time. The one good thing was that at least it was warm. I was done with the cold air.

It had been a week since we had arrived and I hadn’t found anything yet. There was nothing about the disappearances that gave away whatever the monster was. Who knows, maybe it was another demented human being. I knew that wasn’t true because I could feel that it wasn’t a human.

“You find anything yet?” Roy asked me.

“Do you see blood on my clothes?” I replied.

“If I was out there I would have found whatever it is by now.”

“Go on out then. You look well enough”

“You know I’d rather be out there.”

“Maybe next time you can try not getting hurt.”

“Not all of us can be paladins.”

“Only some of us can be so lucky.”

I sat on the crappy bed that was dawned with some pretty shady looking sheets. I didn’t really care, though.

“Hungry?” I asked him.

“A little,” he answered.

“What do you want?”



I ordered us some pizza and we waited. I was glad to find someone who liked pizza as much as I did. This would be the fifth night in a row. Thankfully I am a paladin or the pounds would start adding up very fast.

“So, you didn’t get any leads?” Roy asked again.

“If I did I would tell you,” I responded. “There is nothing out there. And to be honest everyone just talked a bunch of crap about everyone else. This isn’t a nice town.”

“Life isn’t nice, kid.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Roy was watching the news. There was a reporter walking the strip. I wasn’t really listening to her because I was way too busy thinking about the pizza that was on its way. Roy looked like he was listening but who knows. I decided to start listening to her.

“Apparently the thief grabbed the woman by the neck and threw her into one of the freezer doors,” she said. “Witnesses have identified the suspect as a male, Caucasian with long hair and standing about six feet tall.” The woman stopped. “What? Where?”

The woman turned around. Now she had my attention.

“There’s nothing there,” she said.

All of a sudden the woman was ripped out of the camera shot into the air. She was gone.

“What the hell was that?” Roy shouted.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve never seen anything move that fast.”


“Never. I have no idea what that was.” It was true. I didn’t. All I know was that whatever the monster was it was in Vegas and a lot of people saw that happen. This was going to be a nightmare…

It Happened in Vegas: Part One

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