05 May

Hairy and the Vampires Part Four

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I had both axes in my hands and I was ready to fight. Roy had his sword along with a handgun. I didn’t take notice of what kind but it wasn’t as powerful as my Desert Eagles, obviously.

I wasn’t that worried about whether I was going to make it out alive because I always do. I might be in crap shape after or barely make it out of those situations but let’s face it: I’m still here. However, I was concerned about Roy and the abductees getting out unharmed.

The vampires and werewolves had us surrounded and I was quickly trying to devise a strategy to get out of there. They all ended up with every monster losing their head but how do I get from A to B?

One of the werewolves stepped forward and stood a few feet away from me. Roy was smart enough to have his back to me so that if any one of them tried to surprise attack us we would be ready.

“I thought I could smell you coming,” the werewolf said.

“You could distinguish between us and all of the other humans?” Roy asked from behind me. I knew what the werewolf meant and it wasn’t that.

“Why are you working with the vampires?” I asked, quickly changing the subject.

“There’s a storm coming,” the werewolf started.

“Nope! No.”


“Don’t do that.”

“Don’t do what?”

“Say ‘there’s a storm coming.’ First of all I know that. But secondly, and more importantly don’t say there is a storm coming. Are you serious? Did you search the Internet and look for the most cliché thing that you could say? I’m dealing with a bunch of amateurs.”

The werewolf stared at me and didn’t change his expression. Of course, to me, they always looked pissed off, like they were ready to eat anything that came in front of them.

“The monsters are gathering,” the werewolf continued, as if I hadn’t even spoken.

“I’ve never seen a werewolf and vampire together,” I pointed out.

“That doesn’t mean we are enemies. Should we not work together to accomplish our goal?”

“Are you really working together, though? It’s not like the vampires can exactly hold a conversation.”

The werewolf smiled. At least I think he smiled.

“They do what we tell them,” it said.

“Werewolves controlling vampires?” Roy asked. “What happened to the ‘hounds of hell’?”

The werewolf didn’t seem to like that comment.

“We’re not dogs!” it growled, loudly.

“Yikes,” said Roy. “Sorry.” I really did like him.

The werewolf regained his composure.

“The vampires are smart enough to see our wisdom,” said the werewolf.

“I bet,” I said.

“Soon the world will learn to fear us. It will see we are more than a figment of its imagination.”

Something about what he was saying sounded very familiar.

“I will rid the world of your kind once and for all,” the werewolf said to me.

It was very, very familiar.

“We are expanding our race,” it said. “The world will never see it coming.”

It clicked. I should have known the moment I saw the first werewolf. Well, actually I kind of figured I knew. This was one of the brothers of the werewolves that killed my parents. Jackpot…

Hairy and the Vampires: Part Four

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