30 Apr

Hairy and the Vampires Part Three

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I stood up, wiped the blood off of my face the best I could and looked the dead werewolf up and down. I looked over at Roy and nodded my head.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” I admitted. “I thought for sure that thing did some damage.”

Roy lifted up his shirt, revealing a bulletproof vest.

“Ah,” I said.

“I learned very quickly that without this I pay the price,” he told me.

“So that really protects you from that kind of a hit?”

“It keeps me from getting broken bones but I’m still going to feel it tomorrow, believe me.”

I turned my attention back to the werewolves.

“Were there other ones inside?” Roy asked me.

“No,” I replied. “All I saw were vampires.”

“I’ve never seen werewolves and vampires together.”

“Me either. Something tells me there is going to be an all out war going on here soon.”

“We need to get in there and get those people out.”

“I agree.”

Roy took off toward the back of the building and I followed closely behind. Luckily by the time we reached the back door we didn’t run into any more werewolves or vampires. There were a couple spiders. God I hate spiders. They are so ugly with their eight legs and hairy bodies. Throw a werewolf or vampire at me but not a spider.

Roy opened the door without making the slightest sound. It was a really old building so I figured it would have given us away.

We weaved our way around the left over equipment and materials, making our way to the people being held captive.

All of a sudden Roy stopped and turned to me.

“Do we have any garlic?” he asked with a worried faced.

I looked at him right in the eyes. “Are you frigging kidding me?”

His look turned from a concerned frown to a wry smile.

“Very funny,” I said. I smiled. It was funny.

“Oh,” he started. “I do have some cleaner, though.” He held up a water gun full of blue liquid.

“That will help.”

We started walking forward again.

“Garlic,” Roy muttered.

“You could have been an idiot,” I pointed out. “I don’t know you.”

“Fair enough. I still could be.”

We reached the room where all of the people and the vampires were. I kept having flashbacks to the last time I fought vampires. I had a feeling this time was going to go much worse.

Roy and I were hunched down behind a box.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“I like to run in, guns blazing,” I said.

“Me too.”

We both came out from behind the box and both immediately regretted it. Well, I knew that I did and I could only imagine that Roy did, too. At the same time six werewolves and five vampires jumped out from behind boxes and dropped down from the ledge above us.

I kicked Roy to the side and rolled in the other direction so we both avoided being crushed by a werewolf.

All of the monsters surrounded us and none of them were attacking each other. I was sure that the werewolves were there to attack the vampires, but I was wrong. The werewolves were working with the vampires. Uh, oh…

Hairy and the Vampires: Part Three

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