14 Apr

The Abominable Blizzard Part Six

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The yeti slashed downward at an angle, aiming for my right shoulder. I brought up both of my axes and deflected the sword to the right. He then spun around and tried to kick me in the head. I was ready for it, though, and ducked just in time. I then brought my axe up and tried to slash his chest but he blocked it and elbowed me in the face.

We went back and forth for while. It was a pretty even fight; he got a few hits in, I got a couple. The fight was going nowhere. That was until of course the rest of the yetis joined the fight.

One of them slashed at my head but I deflected it. Another one used that opportunity to get a nice cut on my right side. I stifled the yelp that tried to escape my mouth and did a back-flip kick. The yetis broke apart, putting some distance between us. I quickly looked at my cut and saw it wasn’t that bad. It still stung a little bit, though.

“Let’s just skip this charade and you can come with us,” the yeti suggested. “We are going to take you whether you like it or not.”

“I don’t go quietly,” I promised.

“Yes, I figured that.”

“Just shut up and let’s fight.”

I attacked them again and we continued to fight. I would like to say that it was pretty even or that I was winning but to be honest, they were kicking the crap out of me. If it were just one of them I could have handled it. But three of them were a handful.

One of the yetis came from the right and swung hard. I blocked it but another hit me in the side of the head, almost knocking me unconscious. I fell to the ground and didn’t move. I couldn’t. I barely knew what was going on around me.

“Pick him up,” the head yeti ordered.

“We shall take his car,” another said.

“Yes. We can’t leave behind any evidence.”

One of them grabbed me by the legs and started dragging me through the soft snow.

“This one was even easier than his master,” one of them pointed out.

“Paladins are all weak,” the head yeti spat.

“I really wish we could eat this one. They taste so good and they are so hard to find.”

I felt like throwing up at the thought that they might have eaten Drake.

“This might be our last chance,” the other one said.

“No,” the head yeti almost shouted. “If we want to get paid then we will bring him back in one piece.”

“He can still live without a leg.”

“I said no.”

Eventually we reached the car and they started rifling through my pockets, trying to find my keys.

“Hey,” I spoke in a weak voice. “I don’t go that far on the first date.”

“Shut up,” the yeti ordered as he punched me in the face.

“I barely felt that.” The blow to the head had really taken its toll on me.

The yeti punched me again before he opened up the trunk and threw me in. I could hear three of the doors open and close. Then the car was in motion and we were back on the highway.

I couldn’t believe I let myself get caught. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to get out of this one.

There was a sudden popping sound that nearly shocked me out of my stupor.

“What the hell was that?” I asked.

I looked up and was a little surprised.


The Abominable Blizzard: Part Six

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