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The Abominable Blizzard Part Four

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Okay. I know I’ve said that ghouls are what killed Drake and that is true. I didn’t lie. But we were only forced into the ghouls because of the yetis.

Flashback. I’m going to flashback now so don’t be confused.

It was a quiet, pitch-black night. The only light was provided by the occasional streetlamp in the small town we were staying in. Drake and I were in a cheap motel somewhere in Oklahoma. It was so hot and humid I could almost see the moisture in the air.

We were in the town hunting a vampire. We had killed it and were ready to leave the next morning.

“You did good,” said Drake in his usual unexcited tone. He was encouraging to me but he never showed much emotion. When he did it was mostly anger, but he was preparing me for a life of pain and horror. Something I know a lot about.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“We leave right at day break.” He started looking around curiously and I knew why. We could feel it. Another monster.

“I thought we killed it.”

“We did.” He walked to the door and opened it. Snow flew in with a huge gust of wind. There was already snow on the ground.

“How is that possible?”


“Let’s get them.”

“No. We have to run.” I think he was worried about me. For good reason, I wasn’t all that great yet.

“Okay,” I said. I trusted him enough to listen, even though I wanted to attack the monsters head on.

“Why are they here?” Drake was asking himself more than me. “They’re hunting one of us, I’m sure of it. Go out the back door.”

We did just that but it didn’t do any good. One of the yetis was standing right in front of us.

“You two are hard to find,” it said. Despite all of the wind I could hear him as if he were speaking right into my ear. It was the same voice I heard in the diner.

Drake didn’t waste time on speech and just attacked. The yeti was super fast and wielded a sword with a frosty, blue blade. They both fought vigorously. It was almost overwhelming. I joined the fight and we started to overcome the yeti, but then three more of them showed up and we were the ones who were overcome.

I knocked one of them to the side while another swung their sword at my neck. Drake deflected the attack and knocked all of the yetis away.

“Run!” he yelled. So I did. And he was right behind me.

We rounded the front of the building and ran into something else we didn’t expect: ghouls. There must have been a witch that hired the yetis to find us—she had to be close by—and I wasn’t really sure why. I had told you ghouls aren’t hard to fight but they are hard to kill, and that is true. So when you are surrounded by more than 30 of them, it’s safe to say that is a problem.

Drake threw himself at the ghouls.

“Run!” he shouted.

“I’m not leaving you!” I yelled back.

“Wes, you need to run. You have to live. We are the last ones and you need to survive. Run, Wes. Now.”

I stood there for a few seconds but eventually I ran. Like I said, I trusted him completely to do what he said. I ran to the car and took off. I wasn’t sure how I got away but I did. I never saw Drake again.

We’re done with the flashback now, so we’re back in the present day.

“That’s you,” said Janine. She was referring to the fact that the yetis were calling for Wes Parker. “It has to be.”

“It is,” I said.

“Then go out there,” said the father.

“I am. Way to be brave.” He didn’t deserve that but he was willing to throw me to the wolves.

“I have kids.”

“I know. I’m not going to let them hurt you. I’m going.”

I had gathered up my bag and was standing in front of the door. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then I stepped outside, into the snow…

The Abominable Blizzard: Part Four

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