02 Apr

The Abominable Blizzard Part One

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It had been a couple weeks since the carnival and I switched back to my car. I had only grabbed my bike in the first place because it was on the way and I knew California, the part I was going to anyway, wouldn’t have un-drivable conditions for my bike. I was glad I grabbed my car but I will get into that in a couple minutes. I guess it depends on how fast you read. You could always skip ahead and find out. No! Come on, don’t do that. Just have some patience.

I didn’t have anything to investigate at the time, and to be honest that concerned me. Things had been escalating lately thanks to whoever the guy—or whatever he was—that keeps popping up. I didn’t like that things were quiet.

I was somewhere in the middle of Illinois just heading across the country. Spring was here and the sun was shining. I kind of wished that I still had my bike but I can be more relaxed in my car so I could deal with it. As I said, there was no chatter or stories that drew my attention so I was on a mini vacation.

My stomach started to growl and it dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten since the last state. There was a little restaurant right off of the highway that looked sufficient enough. I pulled off the highway and parked my car in front of the building. The place was pretty empty save for a few truckers, a family of four and one weird looking dude. Serial killer came to mind. I quickly pushed that thought away, though. I didn’t need to remind myself of what had happened.

A quick update, Sanders was found innocent on grounds of self-defense. The bad news is that he is now in a mental institution. Sorry.

I walked up to the counter and took a seat. There was a lady behind the counter who looked like she smoked way too many cigarettes, and smelled like it too.

“What can I get ya, honey?” she asked with a raspy voice.

“Well,” I started as I looked at her nametag, “Janine. I’ll have the steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli.”

“How do you want that cooked?”

“Medium rare.”

“Comin’ right up.”

She wrote everything down on a piece of paper and stuck on one of those spinning things that the cooks could use to see the orders. I love steak. It is pretty much the best food in the entire world, besides pizza.

I leaned forward on the counter and listened to the conversations around me. The family seemed like a nice bunch but the little kid kept sticking his tongue out at me. The father turned and noticed.

“Timmy,” he scolded. “Don’t do that.” He looked over at me. “Sorry.”

I just pushed my lips together and shook my head, letting him know that it was OK. The kid still turned around and stuck his tongue out at me again. I stuck mine out at him. He giggled and turned back around. I couldn’t help but smile.

Janine brought my steak and I ate it like I hadn’t eaten in weeks. That’s just how I eat.

“Where you from?” Janine asked me.

“East coast,” I said.

“What brings you out here?”

“I’m on a little vacation.”

“Ah, road trip.”

“Sort of. You guys get busy here?”

“Usually mid-morning and then later at night. You came at a good time.”

“This steak was amazing.”

“Don’t lie, it tastes like dirt.”

“Hey,” the cook yelled. “I’m stadin’ right here.”

She smiled at me and I returned the gesture. Then something happened. Janine turned her focus outside and she looked very confused.

“You alright?” I asked her.

“How in the world?” she asked openly.

I turned around and could see why she was confused. It was springtime, and when I got to the restaurant it was maybe 50 degrees and the sun was so bright I needed sunglasses. When I looked outside I could see there was a full on blizzard going on. Now, I know it can snow in the spring sometimes but this was bizarre.

I walked up to the door.

“You shouldn’t go out there,” the mom in that family warned me. She was kind of right because it was crazy, but I did anyway.

The wind was blowing really hard and the snowflakes were huge. If it could start snowing randomly on a day like this it meant one thing: yetis…


The Abominable Blizzard: Part One

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