31 Mar

Carnival of Horror Part Eight

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

They all converged on me at once. That was smart, not like you see in the movies where the bad guys attack the good guys one at a time. That never made sense to me. If everyone attacks at once it would be much harder to fight them all off. But these guys weren’t going to be able to fight me off.

As they all closed in I jumped and did a barrel roll, clearing right over them. As I landed on the ground I punched the closest person in the back, right in the kidney. They dropped like a fly and didn’t get back up. I had to give them one thing: they didn’t give up. If I were human and I saw someone do flip like that I would probably run, but they didn’t.

The strong man was the first one to attack me. He brought his arm back and threw it at me with amazing speed for a man his size. It wasn’t fast enough, though. I caught his fist with my hand and squeezed. He groaned and tried to hit me with his other hand but I swatted it away. I could feel his bone crack as I squeezed even harder and he let out a wail. He fell to the ground and everyone else took that as a sign to walk away. I wasn’t a relatively large guy so I don’t seem intimidating but when they saw me overpower that guy they were clearly afraid.

“What?” I asked. “Are you guys all done?”

They all looked at Renée. She pulled out one of my guns and aimed it right at me.

“I think you’ve done enough,” she said. She was scared but she held the gun steady. Something told me that she wouldn’t be prepared for the recoil, though.

Right as she took the shot I jumped to the right to avoid getting hit. The gun recoiled and smacked her right in the face, just like I expected. I then flashed everyone with a bright light, temporarily blinding them, and took them all down with lightning speed. They were all pretty much unconscious.

I ran over to Sanders and untied him.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Don’t mention it,” I replied. “We have to get out of here.”

I went to grab my guns but could only find one.

“Have you seen my other gun?” I asked him.

“I think she put it over there,” he said, pointing to the other side of the tent.

I walked over but didn’t see anything.

“I don’t see it,” I said.


There was a loud gunshot.


Sanders had my gun and he was shooting them.

“Stop!” I yelled. I darted across the tent and ripped the gun out of his hand.

“They killed my sister,” he cried, tears streaming down his face. “They tortured her until she was dead. I had to. I had to.” He crumpled to the ground.

I couldn’t blame him. I got some of my revenge and would do it over and over again, not that I feel any better about it.

I stepped up to try and comfort him but right then I saw flashing blue lights and could hear sirens.

“Crap,” I muttered.

I looked at Sanders. There was nothing I could do to help him. I flashed his memories of me and woke up Renée—the only one he didn’t kill—and flashed her, too. I then punched her in the face, knocking her out. They’ll find him and figure out it was self-defense. I couldn’t let them find me.

I darted out the back of the tent and made a big loop to the parking lot. There were at least four cop cars and two of the policemen were still by the cars. I snuck up behind them and knocked them out. I felt bad but I needed to leave before more of them showed up.

I pushed my bike far enough where I could start it and get away. I wondered how they got there since no one called them, but maybe someone might have been nearby and heard the gunshots. I’ll never know.

That day was known as the Carnival Massacre. Kelly had questioned me about it but I lied and told her I wasn’t there. Apparently, though, they can monitor my card and see that I was way out of the state when I last pulled out cash. I wasn’t too happy that they could do that. I couldn’t let them know I had killed some humans. They would have thought I killed all of them for sure. Even if they were bad it was the principal of it. I just couldn’t take that chance.

I spend my life hunting monsters and I’m used to it. I never thought that some of those monsters would be human…

Carnival of Horror: Part Eight

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