28 Mar

Carnival of Horror Part Seven

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Eight

I was confused. There weren’t any monsters in the carnival, yet I was knocked out, sucker punched in the back of the head. I was a little confused by who could have done that. I’ve been attacked by werewolves and come out on top.

Warily, I stood up and tried to search for Sanders but he was gone. How did I always manage to let everyone get captured? You would think by now I would learn. There was a scream that sounded like it would come from Sanders. I could hear exactly where it was coming from, too.

I ran through the entire carnival until I came up to a large tent where the circus must have been held. They were all in there, waiting for me. Sanders’ face had a large cut on it—probably why he screamed—and I realized then that I didn’t have my guns on me. They had taken them.

The girl that I had first seen at the game with the balls and jugs—keep it together—was standing in front of him, smiling at me. It was kind of unsettling. I put all of the puzzle pieces together in my head.

“Renée?” I asked.

“You are smarter than you look,” she said.

“I happen to look very smart. You look stupid.” I don’t know why that bothered me.

“If you insist.”

“What is this crap hole?”

“We entertain people. We do a lot for others at our own expense. We deserve a little bit of fun.”

“Fun? You call torturing people fun?”


“You’re all sick.”

“To each their own.”

I scanned the crowd of people and the only one who looked innocent was Sanders. One of the guys there looked like a 1920’s strong man. He was bald with very large muscles and he wore one of those ridiculous tank top, onesie things. I was sure he was the one who knocked me out and I could see why.

“You know steroids are bad, right?” I asked him. “I’m guessing that you are the one that hit me from behind?”

He just smiled at me.

“I’m going to get you back for that one,” I promised.

“I don’t think you are in any position to be making any threats,” said Renée.

“Under normal circumstances, yes.”

“Normal circumstances? We outnumber you by a lot. And we have your guns.”

“True. But I’m not normal.”

“I know.”

“You know?”


I was surprised that she would know what I meant. Then I thought about it and realized that she didn’t mean what I thought she meant, but thought something else entirely. Sorry. The last sentence might have been confusing. If so, deal with it.

“You’re an outcast,” she said. I guess she was kind of right. “Not accepted by society. Under ‘normal circumstances’ I might have asked if you wanted to join us. But you killed Hector and Wolf Boy. I suppose that makes you think you are invincible.”

“They did try to kill me first,” I pointed out.

“I’m going to enjoy watching you suffer.”

“And I’m going to enjoy beating you up.” I said something way worse. There might be kids reading this.

“Kill him.”

I was actually going to enjoy this…

Carnival of Horror: Part Seven

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