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Carnival of Horror Part Five

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We left the funhouse, heading back out to the main area of the carnival. The place was like a ghost town—something that I was familiar with. I had a very strong feeling that just because we killed the murdering clown that didn’t mean there wasn’t any more crazy people here. It could be a possession, too. That might explain why I didn’t really feel a strong wave of monsters when I got there. Maybe possessing a human dampened that feeling. It was a false hope but I held onto it. The other explanation was less pleasant.

Sanders was feeling very similar, I think. He didn’t look any more relaxed now than he had before the clown. I have to say I was a little aggravated that he wasn’t who he said he was but then again, neither was I. Plus if I were put in the same position then I would want to do the same thing. There were answers and we were going to get them.

All of a sudden all of the lights turned on and the rides activated. Someone knew we were there and they wanted us distracted.

“We’ve been spotted,” Sanders pointed out.

“What gave it away?” I asked sarcastically. They obviously knew the moment I fired my gun.

“Should we hide?”

“I really don’t think that would do any good.”

“What do we do then?”

“The same thing we would do if the place wasn’t lively, look around.”

“What if there is more of them?”

“Then we’ll deal with it. Let’s just hope that they don’t have a gun and shoot us in the back.”

Sanders didn’t like that comment but it was true. It wasn’t like I could just let him go and get the cops by himself or even with me. If I went it would be a lot harder for me to cover my tracks—that was going to be the case anyway—and if I let him go by himself then he might get caught before he even reached the parking lot.

We kept walking down the dirt pathway, avoiding being too close to any of the rides or attractions. I still wanted to know what was happening here but I had to keep Sanders safe. He was really cramping my style.

There was a growl off to the side, by the Teacups. We both whipped around. I had expected for Sanders to jump behind me and hide but he held his ground. He might be afraid but he wasn’t going to cower.

I started walking toward the ride.

“Wait,” Sanders whispered. He grabbed my arm.

“What?” I asked him, annoyed.

“We don’t know what that was.”

“Yes, that’s true. And we’re not going to find out what it is until we go over there and look.”

“Right.” His voice was shaking.

“Just stay here.”


I moved toward the giant, spinning cups with my gun forward. Whatever it was behind there I was ready to shoot it. The ride was spinning around but none of the cups were really moving because no one was in there to spin them. I went around the whole ride and there was nothing, so I decided to jump on the ride and check all of the cups. When I got to the fourth cup something jumped out at me with a roar. It was a werewolf!

I tried to shoot the monster in the head but it knocked the gun out of my hand. It managed to scratch my face before I threw it off me to another ride across the way. It hit the gate surrounding the ride with a sickening crunch. It was a lot lighter than I expected.

As quickly as I could I stood up and readied myself for another attack but the werewolf wasn’t moving. As I got closer to it I could see that it wasn’t a werewolf at all.

“How did you throw him that far?” Sanders asked me.

It was a him. He must have been part of the Freak Show or something. It was another human. What was going on with this place?

“You killed him,” Sanders whined.

The thing, or guy, was really trying to kill me. I had no choice. I was right that there were monsters at this place. The only problem was they were all human…

Carnival of Horror: Part Five

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  1. my life

    March 25, 2014 at 9:24 am

    If read up to chapter 6 um going to read the rest later x


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