19 Mar

Carnival of Horror Part Three

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The funhouse was typical: mirrors and spinning things to throw off your sense of direction and balance. I didn’t like it. Sanders was also making me feel uneasy. I don’t know what it was but there was something about him that was just rubbing me the wrong way.

We passed through the maze of mirrors and ended up in a hallway where the floor was tipping back and forth. It wasn’t on a motor but looked like whoever built it did a terrible job. Not that it was actually built badly but it was supposed to look that way.

I looked over at Sanders and he seemed nervous. He was holding his gun out straight to sturdy his aim and he was sweating.

“Nervous?” I asked him.

“Every time, rookie,” he said.

“Fair enough.”

“We need to find out where the scream came from.”

“Shouldn’t we have a warrant?”

“Screw that. I’d say that scream is probable cause, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I would.”

We finished going through the tipsy-topsy hallway and ended up in one of those tunnels that spins around a platform. It’s weird how that can trick your brain like that. It wasn’t like the platform was moving but you still have to hold on to the railing to keep your balance.

Right when we reached the end of the tunnel I saw something move behind it. There was a little gap between the spinning tunnel and the wall at the end. I peered a little closer and could see there was a door behind it.

“You see that?” I whispered.

“See what?” he asked me.

I pointed to the door behind the spinning tunnel.

“What about it?” he snapped.

“I just saw it move,” I snapped back.

“Watch your tone, rookie.”

“We need to get back there.”


“I think we can lower ourselves down and then sneak behind it.”

“Go ahead.”

I did just that and was able to get to the door, which turned out to be just a thick curtain. The curtain was pushed to the side slightly, letting a little bit of light seep through. I didn’t like that. We both walked through and that led to another hallway. It must have been in the middle of a bunch of the rides because it was tented rooms and we were walking on the ground.

There was another scream further down the hallway. Sanders cursed and we both took off as fast as we could. I obviously pulled ahead of him in seconds. When we reached the curtain-doorway thing where the scream came from I jumped right through, but there was nothing there.

That is when we heard it again, the scream. Only this time it was right behind us in the same hallway. I turned to look and sure enough it was exactly what I thought it was: a killer clown. I had honestly thought when I heard the scream that it was a woman but it was definitely a man. And I knew it was he who screamed because he screamed again right as he charged after us. He wore scary makeup—unless it was his face—had a huge knife, and looked like he took steroids. I tried to figure out what it was but I was going to shoot first and ask questions later.

Sanders gasped and started to shake. I thought he was going to shoot but he didn’t. It wouldn’t matter anyway because it had to be a ghost.

It was within 10 feet from us and I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled the trigger and hit him right in the chest. Surprisingly, he fell to the ground with a thud. It was a pretty disgusting scene and my heart started to beat real fast.

“Is he dead?” Sanders asked.

“I don’t know, Sanders,” I replied. “Why don’t you go check?”

He walked up to the thing, whatever it may be, and put his hand on its neck.

“He’s dead,” he said.

“Say what now?” I asked. “What do you mean he?”

“He. He is dead.”

“He’s human?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t he be?”

I was not expecting that…

Carnival of Horror: Part Three

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