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Terror Apartments Part Eleven

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We walked up the stairs and headed up to the 8th floor. Mygle was quiet for the entire walk, which is not usually the case for him, but it was certainly understandable. I never knew that he had to kill his brother and that his father wanted him dead for it. He did it to save a human life. No other monster had ever done that. It really made me wonder.

“So what did you find?” I asked Mygle, finally breaking the silence. “When you got to this floor, I mean.”

“I didn’t go in there,” he said, “but I know they’re there.”

“How do you know?”

“Trust me.”

“If you know that they are in there then wouldn’t they know that you’re out here?” Lenny asked.


“OK, good. So much for the element of surprise.”

The 8th floor looked just the same as the rest of the building and felt just as empty. I still wondered where all of the people were because even after the last fight no one came out to check out what all of the noise was. Not even the man that I had just spoken to came out of his room.

“Why does it seem so empty?” I asked openly, more to Mygle, though. “I mean no one seems to hear us fighting.”

“Maybe the walls are just really thick?” Lenny suggested.

“I’m pretty sure they would hear a gunshot, even with thick walls.”

“It’s my kin,” Mygle informed us. “They are keeping hallways quiet so they can sneak around.”

“Then how did people notice them in the first place?”

“Once they get in the room they only as quiet as their feet can be.”

“Fair enough.”

We reached the room number that the man told me to go to and stood in front of it.

“Do we knock?” I suggested sarcastically.

“We barge in,” said Mygle. “Be ready. There will be a lot.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. On three?”

They both nodded their heads. I counted down and then I kicked the door in. It dented in the middle and the hinges snapped off with a loud crack. It flew down the hallway of the apartment and crashed into a very nice looking armoire. We charged in the room and readied ourselves for attack. There wasn’t one, however.

I looked around trying to figure out what was going on, figuring maybe they were in one of the other rooms, but they weren’t. The only living thing in the apartment was the guy who lived there and he looked terrified. I tried to imagine if I was in his shoes and three people—one being a gremlin—came barging in my apartment with weapons drawn right after they kicked my door 20 feet, I think I might have crapped my pants.

I put my axes away and slowly walked to him with my hand outstretched.

“Hi,” I said.

The man jumped, so I backed up.

“Sorry about your door,” I apologized. “I’m Wes.”

“D-D-David,” he stuttered.

“OK David, there are some gremlins that look like that guy over there.” I pointed over toward Mygle. “We need to find them. Have you any of them.”

He nodded his head.

“Were you the first person to see them?” I asked him.

“No,” he replied.

“Who was?”

“Old Lady Haggard.”

“Thank you.” I turned to Lenny. “I assume your company can take care of the damages?”

“Yeah,” he replied.

“OK. Let’s go.”

I let the two of them get out first and erased David’s memory. There was no need for him to have to remember what I just did.

We travelled back down to the 4th floor where the old lady we saw before lived.

“I thought you said you knew they would be in there,” Lenny barked at Mygle.

“I did,” Mygle responded. “That’s why they move.”

“Same strategy?” I asked them. They both nodded.

I kicked the door in and this time we were met with a much different situation. The gremlins had the rest of Kelly’s team and the old lady strung up on the wall. They looked like they were still alive. One of the gremlins was holding Kelly and had a knife held right above her chest. It brought the knife down straight at her…

Terror Apartments: Part Eleven

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