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Terror Apartments Part Ten

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In the split second that I had before the gremlin was going to stab me in the back I could do nothing but let it happen. That was until Mygle popped out of nowhere and tackled the gremlin away from me. I had to say that I was not expecting that.

The two of them wrestled on the ground back and forth across the hallway. I wanted to jump in and help him but I was afraid that I was going to do more harm than good. So, I just let the two of them work it out.

Mygle took his little knife out to stab the other gremlin but it knocked the knife away and kicked Mygle off of him.

“How could you?” the gremlin asked.

Mygle didn’t say anything.

“You betrayed us once,” the gremlin continued. Already. I am assuming the thing wanted to say already, or before. Really it could be anything that would make a complete sentence.

“I did had to,” Mygle spat.

“I can’t wait to cut you open and tell the King.”

That seemed to sting Mygle a little bit.

“I can shoot the other one,” Lenny whispered to me.

“No,” I said back. “Let him work this out.”

“I have a clear shot.”

“Trust me.”

Lenny was aggravated but he didn’t shoot.

“The King has wanted you dead since,” the gremlin said.

“I have no king,” Mygle replied.

“No you don’t.”

The gremlin jumped at Mygle but he simply sidestepped and killed the gremlin with the knife. For the longest time we all just stood there. Lenny had gotten the proof that he needed that Mygle was on our side. I was sure that he wouldn’t question it for the rest of the time that we were in there.

Mygle was hurt. I could see it in his eyes. He had turned against his kind a long time ago but that didn’t meant he wanted to kill another gremlin. I slowly walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It was a Monday,” Mygle started. “The night was there and it was raining.”

Lenny and I both walked a little bit closer to listen to him.

“My brother, Jenk,” he continued, “had found our dinner for that night. I was so hungry and I could smell the girl from mile away.”

I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to hear the rest of the story.

“There was nothing better than human flesh,” he admitted. “I craved it day and night. The thought of being to eat on your people meat was the best. Sorry.” Mygle stopped for a second and just shook his head. “I walked up to my brother and saw that it was just appetizer. The girl was no more than three I guess. She was crying for mama. Something snapped in me that day. It was just a baby and it didn’t know better. Most of the time gremlins don’t care but I did. I asked my brother to let her go, to find another human. I tried to stop him.”

“He ate the girl?” Lenny interrupted.

“No.” Mygle was agitated.

“You said you tried to stop him.”

“Yes, and I did.”

“Come on, Lenny, really?” I said. “Let him finish.”

“Sorry,” Lenny apologized.

“I killed my brother and brought the girl home,” Mygle told us. “I followed the scent to bring her back. My father not happy.”

“Is your father the King?” I asked him.

Mygle nodded.

“Gremlins have a king?” It was surprising to me.

“He was going to have me killed so I ran,” he said.

“Mygle I had no idea.”

“Now you do.”

I nodded my head and brought us back to the situation at hand.

“Why did you leave us again?” I asked him.

“I was looking for them,” he answered.

“You couldn’t tell us that?”

“Sorry. We have to go to the 8th floor.”

“Yeah we know,” said Lenny.

“Oh. Let’s go then.” Mygle walked down the hallway. “I won’t just take off this time.”

As we walked down the hall I thought about what Mygle had done and what he had to give up. He had to kill his own flesh and blood to do what he thought was right and be hunted by his father. I had a new found respect for him…

Terror Apartments: Part Ten

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