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Terror Apartments Part Nine

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This time I didn’t wait to see what the red devils were going to do. So, I charged at them with my axes held at my sides. Two of them came at me while the other two disappeared. I assumed they were going after Lenny but I started to think that they wouldn’t really see him as a threat, for good reasons, and were probably going to surprise attack me.

I spun around and swung my axes at the two gremlins, both of whom jumped at me. Both axes sliced and hit nothing but air. Planning for the other two gremlins to appear in front of me I pushed off the ground and did a barrel roll. It was the perfect thing to do because the other two did appear in front of me and tried to attack my legs. As I spun through the air I swung one of my axes and managed to cut one of the gremlin’s head in half. The other one rolled out of the way.

When I landed on the ground they didn’t give me any time to gather myself as they were on me again. I glanced at Lenny and saw that he had his gun pointed in our direction.

“I’d rather you didn’t shoot that please,” I told him.

“I can’t just stand here,” he said.

I knocked one of the gremlins away from me and back flip-kicked another one that was charging at me. I caught it under the chin and I thought for a second that I might have broken something but they are resilient creatures. Instead it flew across the hallway right by Lenny.

“There you go,” I said.

“Thanks?” he sort of thanked me.

“No problem. Try to cut its head off.”

“Yeah, piece of cake.” I ignored his sarcasm.

Now that I had one of them off my back fighting two of them was much easier. We went back and forth for a while and, I don’t like to brag but I had the upper hand.

“You’re dead, paladin,” one of the gremlins threatened.

“You’re voice is terrible,” I replied calmly. That seemed to get the reaction I wanted. I really don’t know why I have to antagonize everyone.

The gremlin came at me with a renewed anger and moved quicker than I had expected. It slashed at my face with its razor sharp claws. I moved out of the way but it still managed to put a good cut across my right cheek. Right as it landed I kicked it like a field goal kicker as hard as I could. I wasn’t too happy that he managed to cut me.

As the gremlin flew through the air I shot it right in the head. It wouldn’t be dead but it was definitely unconscious. There was one left for me and Lenny was struggling with the other one. It was like watching a two-year old trying to catch a ball. I almost laughed out of amusement.

“You need help there?” I asked him.

He grunted in response.

“OK then,” I responded.

The gremlin that was still attacking me swiped at my left leg. I lifted my foot off the ground and when its hand was in the right spot I stomped down, right on its hand. The thing yelped in pain.

“I thought I was going to die?” I said, right before I lopped off its head. “Hmm. Guess not.”

I looked down on Lenny and he was struggling with the gremlin on top of him.

“Come on, Lenny,” I whined. “It’s no bigger than a child for crying out loud.”

I grabbed the gremlin and threw it in the air. As it was coming back down, after it bounced off the ceiling, I chopped down and separated its head from its body. I turned back to Lenny who was still on the ground.

“Lying around on the job?” I teased. I put my hand out to help him out. He knocked my hand away and got up by himself. “Fine.”

Lenny was looking at me differently.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said. “You’re pretty good.”

“Lenny you are so sweet to me.”

“Shut up.”

I laughed and he actually cracked a smile.

“It’s kind of hard to tell because they all basically look the same but those ones seemed different than the ones from before,” I pointed out.

“I couldn’t tell,” Lenny admitted.

“Hmm. No sense in dwelling on it.”

“This seems like a lot of gremlins. I thought they travel in small packs, like three or four.”

“Yeah. There has been a lot of that lately.”

“Kelly told us about the town of werewolves.”

“Ha. That was a doozy.”

Lenny just nodded his head.

“Let’s get moving,” I ordered. “There’s a guy on the 8th floor who might have some answers.”

I had my back turned, facing down the wrong direction of the hallway. One thing you should learn from this is never have your back turned to an enemy, even if you think they are dead or unconscious.

I could see it in Lenny’s face. One of the gremlins that I had shot was jumping at me with something sharp in its hands. It was too close for me to turn around. I had made the dumbest mistake…

Terror Apartments: Part Nine

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