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Terror Apartments Part Three

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The dark wasn’t going to stop us from doing our job, especially me. I have my own internal night vision. Did I not mention that before? My bad. I’m sure Kelly and her team has night vision goggles but they obviously didn’t want to scare anyone running around with those looking like they were there to attack the place, so they had flashlights.

“This doesn’t change anything,” said Kelly. “Wes and Lenny, I still want you two to take the 4th floor.”

“Great,” I said sarcastically.

“I can still get security.”

“Don’t bother. Let’s go Jenny.”

Lenny grunted and I half expected him to hit me in the back of the head, but he didn’t. We took the stairs for obvious reasons and ascended up to the 4th floor. There were 16 total so this was going to take while.

For the first five minutes neither of us said a word to each other. We hated one another and all I would do is antagonize him if I did speak. He finally broke the ice.

“We should start knocking on doors,” he suggested.

“Probably,” I said.

“Split up?”


“Don’t even think about it,” Kelly’s voice came through the earpiece.

“Don’t worry. Wouldn’t dream of going against your orders. Especially since I work for your agency. Oh wait, I don’t. See ya Jenny.”

“I’ll get security.”

“I don’t care.”

Lenny grabbed my arm as I started to walk away.

“You may not work for her but I do,” he pointed out. “I’d rather not get canned because you’re reckless.”

For a few seconds I just stared at him. I may hate the guy but I didn’t want to get him fired or anything.

“Fine,” I said. “Let’s go.”

We walked up to the next door and began knocking. We waited a minute and then knocked again. Finally after another minute the door open as far as the chain lock would allow.

“Hello?” came an old voice. The woman was tiny and looked very frail.

“Ma’am,” Lenny started. “We’re exterminators and are here to stop the infestation of rats.”

“Oh. Come in, please.”

We stepped through the door after she unlocked it. The apartment was very clean and every shelf in there was littered with porcelain dolls. To be honest I expected that the moment she had opened the door.

“Are you the ones that did this to the power?” she asked us.

“No,” I said. “Whatever is infesting this building probably did it. Rats most likely.”

“Oh no. It’s not rats.”



“How can you be sure?”

The woman sat down in her chair with a lot of struggle.

“Well,” she began, “when it started there was a lot of strange stuff. Things were getting knocked over, I and several others heard voices, and people have gone missing.”

“The manager didn’t mention anything about that,” said Lenny.

“He wouldn’t. Only a couple have and it’s only been a day or two. A lot of us don’t have family and vacation a lot.”

“How do you know they just didn’t leave then?”

“I know. Plus I’ve seen the little devils.”

I walked over to her.

“What did they look like?” I asked her.

“I didn’t get the best look,” she admitted, “but they were about the size of a child and had red skin.” Uh oh.

Lenny and I both looked at each other.

“Where are you two?” Kelly called through the earpiece.

I stepped away from the woman. “Room 419. Why?”

“Meet us in the hallway.”

I motioned for Lenny and we both did just that. It took a couple minutes for them to show up but when they did I could hear someone struggling.

“We found something,” Kelly informed them.

“And?” Lenny asked.

“They asked for Wes.” Not good.

One of the other team members brought the monster forward and I did not like what I was seeing, or whom I was seeing I should say.

“Hey, Wes,” he said.

“Mygle,” I replied…

Terror Apartments: Part Three

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