31 Jan

Mischief in the Mountains Part Six

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She was waiting for an answer but I didn’t have one. I couldn’t take her out of the town because we were trapped here, thanks to the elves’ magic. So that really only left us with one option.

“We wait,” I finally said.

“Is it safe?” she asked.

“Sort of.”

“Can they not enter the house?”

“That’s vampires, and that’s not true either. Seriously if you ever run into a vampire don’t assume they can’t come into your house.”

“There are vampires, too?”

Crap. “Yeah.”

“Wow.” She didn’t seem very frightened by the idea of it.

I shouldn’t have told her about that but in all honesty she wasn’t going to remember any of this once it was over. That was of course assuming we both made it through this.

There was a knock at the front door.

“You expecting someone?” I asked her.

“No,” she answered.

I walked to the front door and slowly opened it. There was no one there. As I closed it there was another knock from the back door.

“Crap,” I said out loud.

“What?” she asked me.

“They’re here.”

“What do we do?”

I just shook my head, showing her that I wasn’t very confident in the situation, which wasn’t a good thing. The last thing that I wanted to do right there was let her think that I couldn’t save her.

“We should get down to the basement,” I suggested.

“There isn’t one,” she informed me.

“Oh, OK, then. We can just wait right here.”

There was laughing. It sounded very innocent but I knew it was not. The amount of laughter was increasing by the second and that meant they had the house completely surrounded.

“We should run,” the girl said.

“No,” I told her. “We wouldn’t get far and it would be a wasted effort.”

“What then?”

“Well,” I started, but I was lifted off of the ground and tossed across the room, crashing into a shelf with a bunch of hunting pictures on it.

“WES!” she shouted.

“Crap,” I strained.

As I looked up there was an elf standing right in front of my face.

“Hello,” he said right as he kicked me in the face. The force was so hard it nearly snapped my neck. My nose would be bleeding any second for sure.

“Wes help!” the girl screamed.

There were a group of elves surrounding her and were picking her up off the ground.

“You can’t have her,” I said.

“Too late,” one of them said.

“We already have her,” another confirmed.

I stood up and went to charge them, but I was stopped short by a bus that crashed into me…

Mischief in the Mountains: Part Six

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