29 Jan

Mischief in the Mountains Part Five

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The girl’s house was kind of a crapshoot. I know I’m not really one to talk because I don’t even have a home. Now I’m really depressed.

I walked up to the front door and knocked. It occurred to me that I wasn’t even sure what I was going to say to her or even what I could do. If it was just the five elves I would still have a chance but with this many there was no way I was going to be able to stop all of them. We couldn’t just blow up the town either, because it was actually populated with humans and I couldn’t reach out to Kelly.

I knocked on the door and waited. It wasn’t too long, though, until a small timid girl answered the door. She wasn’t young but short. She was around my age. Her skin was ghost white and her auburn hair covered half of her face. I frightened her, which makes sense since I was covered in cuts and bruises. It wasn’t a very welcoming look. I had tried to clean myself up as best I could but there was only so much that I could do.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi,” she replied in a small, mouse-like voice.

“I know this seems strange and honestly when someone looking like me shows up on your front door you should probably call the cops but I’m begging you to hear me out.”

I waited for her to respond or run away but she just stood there, waiting for me to continue.

“There are elves terrorizing you,” I said. Honesty sometimes is the best option. “All the weird stuff that has been going on is caused by them, by their magic. They cause a bunch of havoc and then they eat someone.” I needed her to understand the urgency of the situation. “It’s usually the first person that experiences the mischief they cause. My name is Wes Parker and I can protect you.”

For several seconds she stared at me. Then she stepped out of the way and allowed me to walk through, which I did.

The house was just as sloppy on the inside as it was on the outside. There were no sign of any adults and quite frankly that concerned me. This girl just let a man—OK, fine, young man—in the house that is bloody and has an axe attached to his hip. For all she knew I could be there to murder her. I’m not, of course, but she had no way of knowing that.

“Water?” she asked me.

“Yeah,” I said, realizing how thirsty I was. “I’d love some.”

She walked out of the room and into the kitchen. When she returned she had a small glass of water in her hand.

“Thank you,” I said.

We both sat down on what could be considered a couch.

“So,” I started, “do you mind telling me what happened?”

She shook her head. “I woke up one morning and got out of my bed.”

I stared at her waiting for more. “That’s not very strange.”

“I was on the roof.”

“Oh.” That wasn’t normal.


“Did it stop at that?”


“What else happened?”

“My cat disappeared, and the kitchen was completely rearranged.”

“Did they make your parents disappear?” That question seemed like it stung a little bit.

“No,” she said. “I haven’t seen my dad in months.”

“Oh,” I responded. “Sorry.”

She shrugged her shoulders.

“That started about a month ago?” I asked.


“OK, then. That means we have until tonight.”

“Are they going to kill me?”

“They are going to try, but no.”

“OK.” Oddly she seemed to believe me. I wasn’t sure if I believe me. “What do we do now?”

I turned to answer her when it hit me. I always had a solution. There was always a way to win, whether it was setting the monster on fire or blowing up a town, but this time I could honestly say that I had no idea…

Mischief in the Mountains: Part Five

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