13 Jan

Werewolves on the Bayou Part Six

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I felt my blood boil and I could feel just how red my face was. The werewolf that ruined my life was standing right there in front of me, and the difference was now I could fight back.

“You killed my parents?” I asked, reiterating the statement.

“Yes,” Raymond confirmed. “Well, not just me but my brothers were there, too.”

My mind was racing so fast that I couldn’t think of what I wanted to say. All I wanted to do was pick up my axe and bury it into Raymond’s head. There was no way I wasn’t going to get out of this without killing him.

“We decided that we needed to split up in order to make enough werewolves fast enough and train them,” he said.

“Where are you brothers?” I asked through clenched teeth.

“It doesn’t matter. Even if you did find out you aren’t going to live beyond the next five minutes.”

“Before this is over, I’m going to kill you.”

Raymond laughed. “I have heard that numerous times. You’ll be the one who is dead.”

“I’ve heard that numerous times.”

We both stared at each other. I wasn’t sure completely how he felt about me but he was one of the things I hated most in the world.

“I don’t really see the need to wait any longer,” said Raymond. “I just wanted you to know it was me that ruined your life. The moment I smelled you walk into this town I just needed for you to know. I’m going to kill you now.”

This was it. I was going to be eaten by one of the same werewolves that murdered my parents. No. There was no way I was going to let it end like this. I was going to get out of this situation and I was going to kill this monster.

Raymond came at me like he was going to bite my head off. I let the flash of light escape my hands and blinded all of them. In that moment I managed to yank myself free of the werewolves that were holding me down, grab my axes and chop off their heads. I went to attack Raymond as well but he gave me a good slash across my chest. I managed to back away and miss the brunt of the attack but he still caught some of my skin. I needed to run.

I decided to flash my beam of light one more time and took off before they had time to react. I know what you’re thinking: why not keep flashing them and kill them while they’re blinded? That would be because eventually they would just all charge me anyway and using that power over and over would just wear me out, smartass.

I made my way to the woods, running as fast as I could . I needed to get away from them and make a phone call. Being in a service area wasn’t an issue, although in this town you would think that it would be, because for some reason I always had perfect service no matter where I went.

I found myself running towards a swamp and I really only saw one option. To get away from them so they couldn’t smell me any more I needed to jump in the disgusting, alligator—and whatever else was in there—infested water. I could swim fast and I wasn’t really that worried about any alligators but it was still gross. It was the only choice I had, though, so I jumped in and just swam as far as I could.

I didn’t come up until I was sure I was far enough away. I slowly let my head poke out of the water and listen to the sounds around me. As far as I could tell there were none around. Quickly and quietly I got out of the bath-warm water and pulled out my phone. Oh yeah. It’s waterproof. I know, it’s convenient but it is what it is.

Searching through my contacts I found Kelly and pushed on the screen.

“Wes?” she answered.

“Yes,” I replied in a whisper.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Listen to me. I’m in big trouble.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m in a middle of nowhere town in southern Louisiana.”

“Hunting of course.”


“Werewolves? As in plural?”


“You need our help.” She wasn’t asking but stating it.

I bit my teeth down. “Yes.”

“Wow,” she said. I could hear the smile in her voice. “I feel like I should be recording this.”

“I don’t have time for this.”

“OK, OK. What do you need?”

I took in a deep breath. I knew what needed to be done but it was just not an option I really liked.

“I need you to blow up this town…”

Werewolves on the Bayou: Part Six

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