08 Jan

Werewolves on the Bayou Part Four

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It was just about time for the moon to show itself and I was prepared for the werewolf to show up. The only problem was that they knew I was here so I needed to find a spot where no one saw me so they wouldn’t know where to find me.

OK. Here’s the deal, I could tell you about how I sat there for 30 minutes and a whole bunch of exciting things happened but they didn’t, and the fact is the werewolf found me. It wasn’t just one, though, but two of them. At least it was good to know that I didn’t waste my time and there definitely were werewolves here. I was hoping for just one, however.

They came up behind me and kind of caught me by surprise, a little. The first one that got to me took a good slash at me but I simply ducked and spun-kicked it in the back, sending it flying into a tree. The second one tackled me and we rolled down the hill.

Let me describe to you what a werewolf looks like. These aren’t oversized wolves walking on all fours. No. They were on two legs, which made them much more versatile and dangerous. They were very tall and very muscular. I was strong myself so I could handle my own against them but if one of you went up against them you would be dead in seconds. They could rip you in half like you a piece of paper. That being said, you can understand why the giant, hairy monster was able to pin me to the ground.

“Wes,” it growled in a very deep voice. Oh yeah, they can talk.

“If you know my name,” I started, “then that means you were in the restaurant, place, thing.”

“Keep going.”


“Yeah.” That would explain why he wasn’t surprised that I could throw an alligator.

“I think it’s time you got off me.”

I brought my feet underneath him and pushed with all my might. The sheriff flew like, like a flying werewolf. I can’t really compare it to anything else, sorry. He bounced off of a tree but landed on his feet. Werewolves were very resilient.

“I’ve made it my life mission to kill every werewolf I ever encounter,” I informed him.

He simply laughed. “You won’t be killin’ any of us tonight.”

“Us? There are only two of you. I can kill two of you very easily.”

“Maybe ya can, but there’s more than two of us.”

Right on cue three more werewolves came out from behind the trees, like they were hiding. That definitely posed a problem. I started to back away and wondered if I should run. I could eventually overcome them but going after them headfirst would not end well for me.

“Don’t worry,” the sheriff began, “we don’t plan on killin’ yer, yet.” He sounded weird as a werewolf.

“No?” I asked. “What would four werewolves plan on doing with me?”

“You’ll see.”

They all converged on me but I did a back flip into the tree, landed on a branch, and then jumped somewhere around 100 feet. Yeah, I’m that good.

As soon as I landed I started running for my bike. I had been hiding behind the hotel when the werewolves found me. I had looped around town so nobody would catch me and had carried my bike so no one would hear me. That didn’t matter, though, because when I got back to my bike it was gone.

“Crap,” I breathed. “Crap, crap, crap.”

Things only got worse though as another werewolf came out of the little crap motel.

“City boy,” he said. It was the jerk that wanted to overcharge for the room.

“How many of you are there?” I asked out loud.

“A lot.”

“It was a rhetorical question, dumbass.”

“Who you callin’ dumb?”

“I’m just going to kill you.”

I ran straight for him and he came right at me. He tried to overpower me but I used some finesse and just took off his head. It felt very fulfilling.

The streets were empty as I ran through the town but that was short-lived as werewolves started coming out of everywhere, and I literally mean everywhere. It seemed like the whole town was full of werewolves.

“You see, Wes,” the sheriff began. He had caught up to me. “You walked into the wrong town.”

Everyone in town was a werewolf. Oh sh…

Werewolves on the Bayou: Part Four

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