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Werewolves on the Bayou

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Werewolves: dirty, smelly, ugly, useless, disgusting, stupid, hairy beasts. They were by far the worst monsters that existed on the planet. I hate them with a passion and anytime I caught wind of them I would drop anything I was doing to get to them, and that was exactly what happened.

I was driving through a very nice town, searching for a vampire, but I got a tip about werewolves somewhere in Louisiana. I don’t know who sent the text and that should probably bother me but the moment I hear or read werewolf I can only focus on that and nothing else matters.

The town I pulled into was an absolute crap-hole with the biggest bunch of hicks I had ever seen. I half expected to see someone with a banjo and missing te…oh wait, there is one. Never mind. It almost made me regret my decision to come down here but all I had to do was remind myself that there were giant walking canines and that brought me back to my senses.

Everyone I passed by stared me down like they wanted to kill me or do who knows what. I didn’t let my mind go there, however.

The problem with werewolves is they are human by day and werewolves by night. It didn’t have to be a full moon and there was absolutely no way of telling if anyone was a werewolf if they were in human form. Plus, I researched this place and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary other than the fact that it had pretty much no information on it. The town was totally off the map. I started to think that something fishy was going on.

I needed to find a place to stay in case I needed to spend the night and didn’t find any werewolves. The only motel in town looked nice… compared to everything else. It still looked like it was maybe 100 years old and had been hit by millions of storms. The faster I got out of this place the better.

The man behind the front desk was wearing a John Deere hat that was torn and instead of being green it was now a puke color. His white tank top had brown stains on it and he wasn’t wearing any pants. He had on underwear at least, but still gross.

“Hello?” I said.

Without even turning his head he shifted his eyes so he could see me. After a few seconds he looked back at the TV his eyes were previously glued to.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“I’m looking for a room,” I informed him.


I paused for a moment.

“Do you have one?” I asked very aggravated.

“We got some,” he told me.

“Great. I would like to rent one.”

“One twenty-five a night.”

“You’re joking.”

“Not wit’ you, city boy.”

“You can’t honestly tell me that you can afford to charge that much.”

“You wanna room er’ not?”

“Whatever.” I handed him my card.

“We only take cash.”

“I don’t have any cash on me.” I usually have some for emergency. Fate would have me be without any in this butthole of a town.

“Well then, I guess that puts you wit out any luck.”

“I don’t suppose there is an ATM machine around here?”

“No, city boy.”

If I didn’t find a werewolf to kill in this town then I was going to find time to kill this jerk off. Customer service certainly did matter to the people in this part of the country.

“You don’t get too many customers do you?” I asked him.

“Either pay, or git the hell out,” he said.

I leaned in really close, making sure I was within a foot of his face.

“I don’t like you,” I said.

“Yep,” he replied.

I walked out of there, furious. There wasn’t another town within 50 miles so I had no way of getting money and getting back in time, nor did I have a car to sleep in.

When I stepped out of the small shack I almost walked into a monster that I was not expecting…

Werewolves on the Bayou: Part One

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