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Under the Bridge Part Thirteen

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We passed through the trees and made it back out under the bridge.

“Hurry!” said Mygle. “We need to close it!”

“How?” I asked.


It didn’t matter because the troll came through and knocked over all three of us.

“Did you think you could get away that easy?” the troll asked us.

Mygle and I put up a fight against her but it was all moot, she was dominating us and we stood no chance.

She knocked Mygle against wall which rendered him unconscious. If I didn’t stand a chance against the troll with him, I was definitely screwed now.

She walked up to me and towered above me.

“Pathetic human,” she said.

“Paladin,” I corrected her.

“No matter. You’re dead.”

The troll brought up both of her hands, ready to bring them down to end my life. Suddenly there was a gun shot and the troll jerked and fell backwards. I looked back and saw Kerry on the ground with a red mark on her forehead. She had obviously fired the gun and the kickback was too much for her.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity I got up and double kicked the troll back towards the wall. As it started to fall back through the door she grabbed on the sides to keep from falling back.

“This is not the end,” she promised. “I will be back, Wes Parker. There is a storm coming your way and you will not survive.”

“It’s time for you to go,” I told her as I kicked her back into the world from whence she came.

Mygle finally woke up and saw what had happened.

“Close it!” he yelled.

“I don’t know how, Mygle,” I told him.

“Slash it with your axe.”

I picked up one of my axes and slashed the spot where the magical door was and it made a huge cut. At first it seemed like it only made things worse but eventually it hardened and it was nothing more than a stone wall.

“Huh,” I said. “I never knew they could do that.”

“I feel like I’ll regret telling you that,” Mygle whined.

I looked back over at Kerry and she was shaking and wide-eyed. I walked over to her and she jumped as I tried to pick her up.

“It’s OK,” I promised her. “They’re gone now.”

Reluctantly she let me help her up and we walked her home.

“I’m sorry I got you into this,” I said.

“I just want to get home,” she complained. “I want to forget everything that happened.”

“Kerry, I’m sorry.”

“Just get me home.”

I did just that, feeling a deep regret in the pit of my stomach. When we got her back she went to run inside but I grabbed her by the arm.

“Please let me go,” she begged.

“Wait,” I said. “I want to give you something.”


“This.” I flashed her memory, taking away the good and the bad. All I had ever wanted was to be with Kerry but she was too terrified of the person I had become.

That night I had found a new motel to stay at given that I had pretty much destroyed the last room I stayed in. I let Mygle spend the night with me but in the morning I made him go. He didn’t fight me because he had other places to be anyway. I hate to admit it but I was glad that he had been with me. I don’t think I would have made it through this ordeal without him.

My bike was finally ready by noon that day. Rodney was still working the counter and had taken my card for payment. It was more than I expected but I had an unlimited supply of money, so it didn’t matter.

When he brought my keys over to me he pulled them back as I reached for them.

“I’m not in the mood, Rodney,” I told him.

“Come on,” he said. “Grab it.”

As I reached for it again he pulled it away. This time I punched him in the stomach and he dropped the keys in my hand.

“Thanks,” I said, and walked away.

At least I was going to walk away with some satisfaction. But one thing was for sure: I was never coming back to this town again…

Under the Bridge: Part Thirteen

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