23 Dec

Under the Bridge Part Twelve

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When I hit the ground I rolled away from the trolls who immediately converged on Mygle and I. The giant troll threw Mygle as well. The troll that I landed closest to was obviously the first one to get to me. It swung down with its giant sword but I knocked it away with both my axes and spun around. I was within inches of cutting off its head but it moved out of the way. At the same time another troll came in and tried to stab me, but I sidestepped, only to be kicked by a third troll. I rolled back at least 15 feet.

Kerry screamed and one of the trolls went to hit her. I brought out my Desert Eagles and shot it until it fell to the ground. I didn’t get to shoot any others, though, as the troll that kicked me knocked them out of my hands. I reached for my axes again and took out one of the troll’s legs. Despite all of what was going on I took time to realize how disgusting it was.

I chanced a look over at Mygle and saw that he was doing OK against the two trolls that were keeping him occupied. I only had one troll left. That is after I beheaded the one whose leg I had just cut off.

The large monster swung left and right, trying desperately to kill me, but even though it could fight it didn’t stand a chance against me. After the 10th or 11th swing I finally went for the killing blow and hit it right in the back with both of my axes. That is when the biggest troll, the one we were really there to kill, hit me right in the right kidney. I’m not afraid to admit that that really hurt, and I mean really, really hurt.

“Pathetic creature,” it spat. “I have waited quite a long time for this.”

Mygle was done with his two trolls and tried to attack the large one, but it swatted him away like a fly. I tried to take advantage of the situation but it just punched me in the other kidney. I don’t know how we got the best of this creature the first time because it was like I had no fight training at all.

“Why are you so much larger than the rest of your kind?” I asked after a coughing fit.

It leaned in really close. “I am the first of my kind. I am the mother of all trolls.” That was one ugly she.

I looked at her with complete shock and awe. I have never met the first of any creature nor would I have expected to have met one. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why are you coming out now? You’ve clearly been hiding in here for a long time.”

“I was summoned out.”

“By what?”

“I have heard stories of you, Wes Parker. You have killed many of my kind and cousins.”

I sat back on my knees, getting a little more comfortable. “So you came out to bring me here? I summoned you?” That would certainly explain why they were attacking my home town.

She—it was hard to call the ugly thing in front of me a she—leaned in close again. “I was summoned because of you, not by you.”

“What does that mean?” I asked her.

“It doesn’t matter. You die now.”

She brought both her hands up and I readied myself to jump out of the way. I didn’t need to, however, as Mygle came in and knocked the she-beast right over. He took a large rock and bashed it over her head. It did nothing, though, and she threw him off of her.

“Run,” he yelled as he flew by. Normally I would do everything I could to kill the monster but I agreed with Mygle. Running was the best idea. She would clearly get the best of us.

I ran over to Kerry and quickly freed her from the post she was tied to. She didn’t try to stop me as I picked her up and started to run. As I passed by Mygle I picked him up and threw him on my back.

“Did you know she was the first?” I yelled to him.

“No,” he replied, “but who cares. Just keep running.”


Kerry looked like she was going to die.

Mygle was giving me directions, bringing us back to the door.

“It’s right between those two trees,” he told me.

“What do I do?” I asked.

“Just run between them.”

We were about 15 feet away and the giant troll was right at our heels. With every effort I had I jumped forward and went right for the middle of the trees…

Under the Bridge: Part Twelve

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