04 Dec

Under the Bridge Part Four

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I knew Mygle wanted to work with me for a reason. He knew that the troll was going to be huge like this and he didn’t want to take it on alone. I have to admit I didn’t blame him because neither did I, especially after I saw the other three come out after it.

The three “normal” sized ones all carried some sort of weapon with them: a sword, a club and a spear. The large one didn’t have anything, which kind of made me nervous, more than I already was. It either meant it didn’t need it or that it wasn’t planning on doing anything. I pretended it was the latter.

They were already looking at us when they came out so it wasn’t really a surprise when they headed right for us.

“You knew it was going to be like this,” I muttered to Mygle.

“Kinda,” he replied. “I didn’t know there would be four.”

“Should I be worried?”

“I don’t know.”

He didn’t say anything else and went right in for a fight. I wasn’t as eager as he was so I waited to see which one he went for first. As he charged in, two of the smaller trolls stepped forward to meet him. Mygle was within 10 feet of them when he disappeared. He then reappeared behind one of them and took their head right off. I think I might have forgotten to mention that besides his little knife he had a very sharp short-sword. That little squirt always surprised me.

The other one was quick to learn, though, so when Mygle tried to pull the same trick again the troll simply ducked. Trolls are fast so the other one was able to prevent Mygle from killing it so quickly.

I had spent so much time watching Mygle fight that I failed to see the club swing right into my chest. The best way to describe how it felt would comparing it to getting hit by a truck. Luckily the bridge was there to stop me from flying away too far. That hurt just as much as the club hitting me.

Somehow the wind didn’t get knocked out of me, luckily, so I was ready when the troll tried to hit me again. I rolled out of the way and he smashed the stone wall instead. I used that open opportunity to swing my axe right across his midsection. It left a scratch but it moved out of the way just in time to avoid death.

I looked over at Mygle and saw that he was wearing the troll down. He might not be able to overpower the troll but he could certainly outlast it.

The troll I was fighting brought the club down at me but I knocked it out of the way and spun around. As I made the full 360-degree spin I brought my axe around right across the monster’s throat. I’ll leave out the gory details but the thing was definitely dead. Mygle just about had his down but I didn’t want him to get the glory of killing two of them.

I took my axe and threw it as hard as I could. The thing buried into the troll’s back and fell to the ground. As it fell to its face I ran up to it, ripped my axe right out of the troll, and jumped into the air at the large troll.

“Hey,” Mygle complained as I flew by.

So far the giant troll had stayed back but I figured I would take the chance that it wouldn’t be ready for me. I was wrong. It took its large arm and swung, swatting me out of the way like I was a useless fly. I rolled on the ground and dropped both my axes.

Mygle decided that he would try as well but he ended up right next to me.

“We are going to have to work at this together,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah,” Mygle agreed with me.

“I’ll fake high and go low and you vice versa.”

“OK, yeah.”

We both got up and ran at him. I grabbed my axes and faked like I was going high and Mygle did the opposite. The giant troll fell for it and went to swat us both. When we both switched directions I could see the confusion on its face. The two of us swung at it; I cut its arm as it tried to block me and Mygle got its leg. As I flew past it I spun around and kicked it in the back of the head. The thing fell to its knees.

“Ah ha,” Mygle yelled.

The troll moved quicker than I expect and rolled back into the wall. Its head was still sticking out so it could talk to us. It spoke in a very deep voice.

“You may have bested me now,” it said, “but I will return with more and I will take you.” Then it was gone.

I felt like it gave up a little too easily. But I also felt like it was telling the truth and we were in big trouble…

Under the Bridge: Part Four

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