29 Nov

Under the Bridge Part Two

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“Huh?” Kerry asked me.

“Yeah,” I started, “I’m here to hunt a troll. That is what I’ve been doing since I left, hunting and killing monsters.”

She stared at me for a good three seconds before a smile stretched across her face. I wasn’t lying to her; I really was there to hunt a troll. Believe it or not they do live under bridges.

“OK,” she laughed. “How long are you going to be here for?”

“Not long I hope,” I replied.

She looked sad and slightly offended. “Oh.”

“I’ll probably be here tomorrow.”

“OK. Maybe we can meet up?”


“Great. See you at Felipe’s Pizzeria at noon?”

“Yeah, definitely.”

“I have to go back in, now. See you tomorrow.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and left.

I wasn’t sure I would be around in time to make that date but if I was still there it wouldn’t be a bad idea. I couldn’t hunt the troll in the daytime so if I didn’t find it that night then I wouldn’t be leaving.

The only reason I would return to my hometown would be if there was a monster to hunt. When there were reports of people missing and witnesses saying it happened near the Hanover Bridge, then that would mean there was troll. They are large and stupid but surprisingly quick and quiet. I’m sure you are wondering if they are so big and dumb then how can they blend in? Why wouldn’t I be able to kill it before daybreak and why aren’t they well known? I don’t know how they can blend in otherwise I would be able to easily find them, and they remain unknown to the world just like every other monster: I kill them.

Finding the troll wasn’t going to be easy. Yes it lives under a bridge and I do know which one that is, but during the day trolls just completely disappear. I have no idea where they go and how but they do. If I wanted to catch it I was going to have to be smart. I’ve fought and killed many before but they seemed to know their way around a fight.

As I headed to the bridge on my bike I thought back to memories I had with Kerry. We were best friends growing up. Sometimes in school I would get picked on but she was always there to stick up for me. I had a crush on her ever since we were in kindergarten.

My thoughts were suddenly ripped from my mind as something hit me and sent me flying off my bike and off to the side of the road. I could hear my bike getting mangled as it was scraping on the pavement, as I was rolling on the ground—in a field luckily—and waiting for my arm to break. It couldn’t have possibly been the troll because it was still too early in the day.

Once I finally stopped rolling I quickly assessed if anything was broken but luckily I was just a little bruised. As I went to stand up something hit me in the chest and sent me flying back. It was getting very annoying very fast and whatever it was started laughing. I knew what it was the moment the first noise left its throat.

“Mygle, you little…” I said.

“Come on Wes,” he replied with his squeaky little voice.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” I sat up and looked at him. He was a gremlin. He was short, red and ridiculously strong. Gremlins are nasty little creatures that like to eat anything, including other monsters. He face looked like something out of a messed up fairytale and I would do anything to cut his head off.

“You’re alive, aren’t you?”

“I’m going to kill you.” I charged at him and went to punch him in the face but he disappeared before I could reach him. Did I mention they were fast and could transport?

I turned around to look for him just in time for him to kick me right in the face. I once again found myself on the ground. As I went to stand up he picked me up and threw me a good 10 feet.

“I thought you were better than this,” he teased. I hate him so much.

Before I stood up I noticed that one of my axes was on the ground next to me. I heard him appear next to me. He went to kick me in the stomach while I was down but I rolled out of the way, grabbed my axe, and elbowed him in the jaw on my way up. He landed on the ground with a thud and I quickly got on top of him with my axe pressed lightly on his throat.

“Give me one reason,” I demanded.

“Don’t be such a sour puss,” he said.

“I could just press down and you’ll be dead.”

“OK, OK. Come on, you don’t want to do that.”

“Why not?”

“We’re pals?”

I looked down at him for a moment and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I gabbed him by the rags he called clothes and threw him away.

“I always knew you were OK,” he said as he stood up.

The problem was that he wasn’t one of the bad guys. We met a long time ago and proved to me that he only has good intentions. I’m not sure why he is the way he is but he kills other monsters and leaves humans alone. Though, he did enjoy making sure I was miserable. It was in his blood. He has never told me why he doesn’t kill humans like other gremlins and the only time I asked he stabbed my hand. I healed and have never asked him again. He might only be somewhere between three to four feet tall but he was dangerous.

“Why are you here?” I asked him.

“Troll hunting,” he replied.



“I think you know it’s the same reason.”

“Yes. Yes, of course.”

“I need to go check on my bike.”

“I’ll meet you there.” Poof and he was gone.

When I got to my bike he was already there, waiting with a face that begged for forgiveness. It sustained some damage but looked drivable, for now.

“Now I need to get this fixed and you’ve forced me to stay here,” I complained.

“Sorry,” he apologized.

“You know you’re paying for this, right?”

“How?” He didn’t have any money and it wasn’t like I didn’t.

“I’m going to get you back for this.”

“Yeah, yeah. So, we doing this together.”


“Come on.”

“No.” I didn’t want to kill him but it wasn’t like I was going to work with him.


“You almost got me killed last time.”


I let out a sigh of aggravation. If I didn’t choose to work with him we were going to get in each other’s way anyway. Hunting this troll was going to be bad enough and now I had a gremlin with me? Plus, I was going to be stuck in this town for who knows how long. This was really going to suck…

Under the Bridge: Part Two

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