25 Nov

Ghost Town Part Ten

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I suddenly felt as if I was going to cry. You can sit there and judge me all you want but you go face to face with something you couldn’t defend yourself against that looked like absolute death.

The princely ghost did exactly as I had expected him to and sent me flying through one of the exhibits, most definitely attracting unwanted attention. Man, if I could punch ghosts I would slug Prince Gregory VII in the face. I was limited, however, to little Latin phrases that may banish him temporarily.

I started to chant again but the awful ghost just came right up to me and slugged me in the stomach, taking all of the air from my lungs and sending me another 10 feet. This was going to be near impossible to get rid of him if he wasn’t even giving me time to shout out a short phrase. He wasn’t going to stop until I was dead.

Dillon was off to the side looking like he was going to have a complete panic attack. There was nothing he could do and there was nothing that I could do.

The crazy prince stalked toward me, taking his time. He certainly had enough of it since I couldn’t even speak.

“You have been a thorn in my side,” he said. “I don’t know how you were able to send me away before but I will not allow it again.”

“What is your plan?” I asked him with an immense amount of difficulty.

“To break the chains that bind me to that desk.”

“How can you possibly do that?” I had wondered if he was tied to the desk how he was able to go all around town.

“When I first found myself in the state that I am in I learned quickly I couldn’t venture very far from it. I was trapped within the building the desk was in. Being dead as long I have you learn a thing or two.”

I started to stand up but in interest of not having him attack me yet I settled for just kneeling on the floor. I was surprised that no one had come to investigate the noise yet but then I remembered the girl at the front desk and it made sense.

“Yeah,” I said. “I can imagine.”

“No you cannot,” he assured me.


Dillon came up to us.

“Please stop it,” he begged the prince.

The evil ghost backhanded him in the face and knocked the poor kid to the ground.

“Keep your nose out of it,” he yelled.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. Ghosts couldn’t touch each other but there it happened. The prince hit him just like he was able to hit me.

“How did you do that?” I asked him.

He continued his need to control the situation and gave me a whack in the face. I really disliked this ghost.

“I killed him,” he said to me. “I can do whatever I want with him.”

“I didn’t know that,” I admitted.

“I have spent years and years gathering souls. With each one I take, the closer I come to reaching my goal.”

“What would that be?”

Instead of answering me, he decided it would be better to just kick me in the chest and send me out of the back door, which I didn’t even know was there, and rolling on the ground. The prince wasn’t far behind me and Dillon was right behind him, very conscious of how close to George he was.

“I seek to free myself from that wretched piece of wood,” he told me as came closer. “With each group I collect I can venture further and further from the desk.” He was inches from my face with a look so crazy it could rival even the Joker. I literally thought he was going to start eating me. “When I kill someone their soul is bound to me and killing someone requires a lot of energy.” That would explain why he hasn’t killed me yet. “After I recuperate I kill another and another. Once I have acquired enough I use their energy to break the hold that binds me to the desk. This is the last group that I need to gather, and then this world will be mine.”

“That wouldn’t be good,” I struggled to get out. It wouldn’t. If he wasn’t tied to the desk anymore that could also mean that it no longer belonged to him and I would have a hell of a time trying to get rid of him.

“Why now?”

“Huh?” I confused him.

“Why now?” I repeated. “You’ve had all of this time, but you’ve waited till now.”

“It takes time to gather.”

“Yeah, but you’ve had a lot of time to get the souls you need.”

He gave me another hit to the face. “Never mind that.”

My guess was that when he used a group of souls to break whatever was holding him it probably took a very long time for him to gain his strength back.

“I think it is time that I get what I need,” he said, as he walked toward Dillon.

Another thought popped into my head.

“You decide when these ghosts could walk on the earth,” I said.

He ignored me.

“Dillon was the first,” I continued. “You could have let him wander around since he passed.”

My words were going in one ear and out the other—if you could call them ears.

“Why wait until now?” I asked him.

He picked up Dillon and started to squeeze the life out of him. Well, if a ghost had a life then that was what he was losing.

“Soon I will be free,” he said as he started to draw in Dillon’s soul. I watched and started to panic, because there was nothing that I could do…

Ghost Town: Part Ten

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