Ten Fun Facts About Wes

22 Nov

I apologize for not having the next part of Ghost Town but to make up for it I plan to have the next two parts posted on Monday. In the meantime, however, her are some fun facts you may not know about Wes.

1. He is terrified of spiders

2. He has never had a Big Mac

3. Friday’s are his least favorite day of the week (don’t ask me why)

4. He’s never been to the Grand Canyon

5. His left foot is slightly bigger than his right

6. Vampires have bitten him 172 times

7. He’s allergic to dogs (another reason he hates werewolf)

8. When he was nine he broke his nose falling off his bike

9. He hasn’t been to the movies in three years

10. He once fell off of a moving truck


Now you know a little more about Wes Parker: Monster Hunter.


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