13 Nov

Ghost Town Part Six

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The place was creepy, and I mean creepy. The town was small and nice but it had a creepy cemetery and the mental hospital fit right in with that atmosphere. It was an old, brick building that looked almost empty, and the air around it just seemed dark. My thoughts were that when I walked in there I was probably going to see a lot of ghosts and unfortunately that might give me away very quickly.

The whole drive over there I tried to think of a good reason that I should be able to talk to Dillon’s mother but there was no one that I could pretend to be to fool them. So, I was pretty much going to have to walk around and blast everyone with my memory power.

“What did you do to Randy?” Dillon asked me.

“I made him forget me,” I explained.


“If I don’t then I risk getting myself noticed and he would go on worried that I exist.”


We both walked through the front door and observed a man sitting behind the front desk.

“What floor is she on?” I asked Dillon.

“Third,” he replied.

“Excuse me,” the man started but I zapped him before he could say anything else. It occurred to me that it might be better if I dressed myself as an orderly. That might make it a little easier to get around unnoticed.

There was a door behind the front desk and luckily there were a couple of uniforms. I searched until I found one that fit me well enough and then went back to the front desk. The man sitting down seemed to have broken out of his trance and looked at me again.

“Hill?” he asked.

“Huh?” I replied.

“You’re Joshua Hill, yes?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s me.”

“Well, take this and get up to the 2nd floor.” He handed me a key card. “Yancey is waiting for you.”

“Yancey?” I stifled a laugh.

“Yeah. Is there a problem?”

“Not for me.”

“Then go.”

I left without another word with Dillon in tow. It was very convenient that the jerk in the front gave me access to the building. Little did he know I had no intention of finding Yancey or doing anything other than finding Dillon’s mother.

On the first floor there was really nothing worth taking notice of. It wasn’t until I went up the first set of stairs that things got interesting.

“We have to go across here to go further,” Dillon informed me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“Because the stairs to the next floor is that way.”

“That’s odd.”

“It’s not my fault.”

“I didn’t say it was. Come on.”

As we entered the hall I could see people everywhere, dead and alive. The ones that were alive were either workers or in a room where they couldn’t get me. The ones that were not alive could easily pass through the walls and looked like they wanted to hurt something. Once they realized that I could see them things would really go south. So I did what any rational paladin would do: I walked with my head down as fast as I could.

“Hey you!” someone yelled.

I ignored him.

“I’m talking to you,” he tried again.

I attempted to walk away but he grabbed my arm to stop me. When he turned me around I was forced to look him straight in the face, which was unfortunate because he was very ugly. He was a ghost for sure.

“Are you deaf boy?” he asked me.

I looked at him for a second. “You’re alive, right?”

“I’m standing here, ain’t I?”

“Right, sorry.”

“You’re Hill, yes?”


“Follow me.”

“I really need to go.”

“If you want to stay in here then you will follow me.”

I nodded my head and decided to play along for a while. The last thing I needed to do was make a scene in front of all the patients. He was leading me across the hall, which was the way Dillon and I needed to go anyway.

One of the patients walked up to us. The problem was we were in an area where no patients could get to and Yancey just ignored her.

“Boy?” she said to Dillon. “Boy, why are you following them?”

“I uh,” he stumbled. “I think they are going up to my mother.”

“Why? Why?”

“He’s here to stop the really mean ghosts.”

I whipped my head around and looked at him, scowling.

“Oops,” he said. “Sorry.”

“You can see us?” she asked me. “You can see us? He can see us. He can see us!” She was yelling it to everyone.

Anyone who was a ghost looked up at me and began to come towards me.

“Crap,” I muttered. I tried to keep going without acknowledging them. That became impossible within two seconds as they were all around me and they were shouting. For the first 10 seconds I said nothing.

“You can see us?”


“Fly, fly away.”

“I will not be ignored.”

They were shouting at once and I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Enough!” I shouted. They stopped.

“What?” Yancey asked me.


“Who are you yelling at?”

“No one.”

He stared at me like I belonged on the other side of the glass with the rest of the crazy people.

“I think it’s time that you leave, Hill,” he said to me.

“But I just started,” I tried.

“I deal with enough of these crazies as it is. I don’t need you.”

I let out a sigh. “I didn’t want to have to do this.”

“I beg your pardon.”

I didn’t waste any more time and wiped his memory. That sent everyone, dead or alive, into a complete frenzy. I had to speed up my efforts to get the answers I needed. I yanked Yancey’s card as an alarmed sounded off.

“Get us there quick,” I said to Dillon. He didn’t wait and took off.

As I followed him through the crowd of ghosts they all reached out to me and touched me. I thought I was going to break down.

We eventually made it through them and as we entered the next stairway I saw that the rest of orderlies were coming after us. I flashed a quick beam of light and they stopped, but the alarm kept going.

The third floor was just a bunch of rooms that were obviously held for high-level patients.

“This is it,” said Dillon. He was standing in front of room 312.

“You going to stick with me?” I asked him.



I opened the door and walked through…

Ghost Town: Part Six

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