28 Oct

The Witch Sisters Part Nine

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I’ve been tossed into the air more times than I can count, but I have never been tossed while I was strapped to a tree. I don’t think I have ever been thrown that far when I didn’t have a tree tied to me. I was kind of impressed. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t die.

When we, the tree and I, hit the ground it definitely hurt. The tree all but exploded and we both skidded across the pavement for a good 40 feet. It was quite the scene. The worst part of it all was that it was right in the middle of the town, which meant that everyone who was out, and that was pretty much the entirety of Salem, saw it happen.

I looked around at everybody as they stared at me in complete awe. All the kids were dressed in costume, with bags of candy, as well as some of the teenagers that just had trouble letting go of their youth. I would have probably reacted just the same if I weren’t used to the impossible. I leaned back to crack my back and attempt to regain my strength. It was going to take a lot to erase everyone’s memories at once.

Officer Bennett was stalking toward me with his gun pointed right at my head.

“Don’t move,” he said. “Put your hands up.”

“Which is it?” I asked. “Don’t move, or put my hands up?”

“Put. Your. Hands. Up.”

“Seriously? You do realize that I was the one who was just tossed halfway across town, right? Why would you want to shoot me?”

“You stepped a toe out of line.”

“If you arrest or kill me then this town, and quite possibly the world, will be over.”

Bennett stopped for a second, momentarily believing me. He should. That, however, was short lived. It was a tricky situation because I needed to get away from him but at the same time I didn’t want to be shot. Hey, I’m fast but I’m not that fast.

“There’s a witch,” I started. “One of the first. She’s trying to bring back her two sisters and if she does it is over. There isn’t much time left.”

Bennett stared at me, as did everyone else, and he slowly started to lower his gun. He was starting to believe me. I quickly flashed my beam of light and wiped everyone’s memory, except for Bennett. In the blink of an eye—a human eye—I grabbed the gun and ripped it out of his hands.

“What did you just do?” he asked.

“I made their lives easier,” I told him. “They won’t remember this.”

“What are you saying, that you can erase memories?” I nodded. “If that’s true, then why didn’t you erase mine?”

“I need your help.”

“My help?” He was staying relatively calm considering what had just happened. If I was naïve like all of you guys and I saw a guy fly through the air with a tree attached to him, I would probably need a change my pants.

“Yeah. Get in the car.”

Surprisingly he did what I told him and got in the car. I would have figured that I was going to have to erase his memory as well but he stayed cool.

“Where are we going?” he asked as we climbed in his car.

“She’s right by the golf course,” I said. “Use your lights but not the siren. I don’t want to alert her. She’ll probably know before we get there anyway.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just drive.”

Miraculously he drove forward with the lights spinning but no siren. It was pointless because she was going to figure out we were coming. I had no idea how I was going to beat her. Well, I know I needed to blast her with fire but was falling a little short on how I was going to do it. It didn’t matter. I’m the master of improv… when it came to killing monsters.

We pulled up to where we left our vehicles and got out of the car.

“OK,” I started, “I need you to stay here.”

“Why?” he asked me.

“Because it is dangerous.” I ran over to my bike and pulled out another bottle full of lighter fluid and lighter. I ripped up part of my shirt and stuffed it in the top of the bottle.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to need this to kill her.”

“I can’t just let you do this.”

“Look, you can believe me or not believe me, but I think you kind of do otherwise we wouldn’t be here right now. You can try to stop me but the fact is I have to go burn a witch.”

Officer Bennett just stared at me like an idiot. It was amazing how quickly he changed from wanting to knock me out to listening to what I was telling him. Although, seeing a 30-foot tree flying through the air, and a person attached to it that survived, would make anyone question what they believe to be reality.

“Please don’t follow me,” I begged him. “It’s going to be hard enough getting everyone out alive.”

“Everyone?” he asked, but I didn’t stick around to answer him. I really hoped that he wouldn’t come after me but knowing him he probably would.

I wasted little time getting back. What surprised me is everything looked exactly how I had left it. Belinda was floating by her cauldron and everyone was still tied to the trees. I thought for the longest time about what I was going to do.

“How long are you going to hide back there?” Belinda asked me. Crap.

I came out from behind the tree. “For as long as I could.”

“I am not surprised to see you back here.”

“You shouldn’t be.”

“You have sealed your fate.” She tilted her head back and lifted her hands in the air. The ground started to shake and that is when things went south. Ghouls, a witch’s go-to trick, rose from the ground. They aren’t hard to fight but they are extremely hard to kill.

There were about eight of them and they converged on me fast. I didn’t have my axes with me. Belinda had them along with my guns, so I had to rely on my fists. It was a brawl, my favorite.

I took down one, and then another, and another. I was dropping them like flies and that scared me, a lot. It should have been a long, annoying fight with them but it was ending quickly. I got down to the last one and I felt my body jerk. It was all over. The ghouls were just a distraction while the witch prepared a spell to pin me to the ground. I couldn’t even twitch my fingers.

“Rise my sisters,” said Belinda.

It was all over and there was nothing I could do about it…

The Witch Sisters: Part Nine

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