23 Oct

The Witch Sisters Part Seven

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It was Halloween and we still hadn’t found the witch. For those keeping score at home that was five days since we last saw her, and four days since we were at the library. Based on the conversation that Kelly and I had I would have expected to run into the witch by now. It was Halloween, like I said, so it would make perfect sense that she would wait until then. All Hallows Eve was the night when witches’ powers were amplified. So, it wasn’t that far out there to assume that she was probably going to perform something huge that night.

It was still pretty early in the day so there really wasn’t any trick or treating yet and it was doubtful that whatever the witch was going to do she was going to do it in the daytime. It just wasn’t their style. The only problem is we still didn’t find out where she was hiding or where she was trying to perform the spell the last time. It only made sense that she would do it there again.

I ended up staying in the same motel as Kelly and her team. I hadn’t really seen any of them yet because they had been off doing their own investigation. It made sense for me to stay there, though. If this really was one of the terrible three then we were all going to need all of the help we could get.

The morning was cool and there was a light breeze pushing all of the fallen leaves around. There was a heavy overcast giving the day a nice ominous feel. I hated that. Halloween was bad enough as it was; I didn’t need this gloomy setting.

The motel had two levels and I was walking down the stairs when one of Kelly’s teammates or coworkers or whatever you want to call it was walking toward me. It was Lenny. He was a tall guy with a ridiculously strong build. If I wasn’t who I was I would have been intimidated but I wasn’t. He always looked angry but that could have been the fact that he absolutely hated me. I wasn’t really sure why but it might be because of the one time that I sort of broke his nose… and his jaw… and knocked out three of his teeth. That was all with one punch. If it were me I would have gotten over that by now. It was six months ago already.

“Hey, Jenny,” I said. “I mean Lenny.”

He looked like he wanted to punch me in the face but the last time he tried that he was the one who got punched. So, I think he knew better than to do that.

“Go see Kelly,” he said bluntly.

“That wasn’t very nice,” I pointed out. “It makes me not want to do it, even if wasn’t Kelly being rude. So, can we try that again?” Don’t act like I’m the jerk. He started it.

“I would love to just knock you out.”

“You can’t.”

“Let’s not make this difficult.”

“Well, I have things to do. Please give my regards to Kelly.”

“Fine. Kelly would like to see you.” See how fast he turned around. Kelly was in charge and she sent Lenny to come get me. If he went back without me than I’m sure she wouldn’t be a very happy camper.

“That’s better,” I said as I pushed past him. He gave a little shove back but I let it go. I had to give the guy some boost in confidence. If I were ever in a compromising position I would hope that he would have my back. Not that I would need him to.

Everyone was in the room doing various things: cleaning guns, packing grenades, and sharpening knives—the normal stuff. There were five of them in total. The last three were Damien, Greg and Lola. Damien was short with a shaved head, Lola was tall and scary, and Greg looked like a cross between Sloth—the character not the animal—and a jackal. He was very ugly. Kelly was looking over a map.

“You ever hear of Google Maps?” I asked her.

“I have an idea of where the sister may be,” she said, ignoring my comment.

“Where may that be?”

“In Salem Woods.”

“That’s kind of vague. Maybe you might want to be more specific.”

“It somewhere here, a few hundred feet from the golf course. It’s hard to tell for sure.”

“That’s a good place to start.”

“Let’s go.”

Everyone quickly finished what they were doing and got ready to go witch hunting. We needed the bare essentials: anything that could create fire and very powerful guns. Big guns wouldn’t kill her but they certainly will slow her down. You shoot a witch right in the head and it wouldn’t do crap. I could cut her head right off and she wouldn’t be dead. She won’t be able to move but if you put the head back on it will heal right up and she’ll be right as rain. It’s very disturbing.

“Do you have a flamethrower?” Kelly asked me.

“No,” I answered. “I’ve got a lighter and lighter-fluid. That will be fine for me.” Honestly if they had flamethrowers in the form of guns I would love one but I didn’t want them thinking I needed their help. Well, any more that is.

I followed them on my bike all the way to the woods. I wasn’t really sure where the planned on parking since it was the middle of the day, especially with all of the stuff we had with us. I couldn’t just march around with my axes and desert eagles. We found a nice quiet spot, though, and I decided to just carry my bag with me until we were in the woods.

As we hiked through the condensed trees I tried to heighten my senses because if the witch caught us off-guard, which she probably would, we were going to be in a whole heap of trouble.

“It should be right up ahead,” said Kelly.

“OK,” I replied. “Let’s be slow about this.”

We all slowly stalked forward. When I reached a bush I peaked over but there was nothing other than an empty clearing. It didn’t mean she was there, though. I stepped forward into the clearing with a bottle full of fluid and lighter in my hands. I stood there for almost three minutes.

“I don’t think she’s here,” I said.

“I’m right here,” a soft whisper spoke in my ear…

The Witch Sisters: Part Seven

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