21 Oct

The Witch Sisters Part Six

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Of course we had a problem–we had to deal with a witch. I didn’t know why Kelly thought any different before.

“Yeah,” I said. “We haven’t found the witch yet.”

“It’s more than that,” Kelly explained.

“How so?”

“Just get in the car.”

“OK, but are you going to tell me what you mean?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

“I have my bike here.”

“Right. Meet me at the library then.”



She didn’t say another word but got in her car and drove away. If there was something that was freaking her out then it was probably worth finding out what she had to say, but I looked back and saw that Mrs. Tibbs was still looking at me. If I didn’t do what I needed to then she was just going to keep worrying and probably cause me a lot of trouble while I was there. I walked up to her.

“Don’t come any closer,” she warned me.

“Look,” I said, “I just want to apologize.”

“You can apologize all you want but don’t take one step closer to me.”

“OK.” I was close enough anyway. “I just want you to know that you won’t have to worry about me.”

“You bet I won’t.”

I raised my hands and let the light shoot out of my hands, wiping the memory that I had ever been there. I got back on my bike and headed for the library, curious about what Kelly had to say. I could have just stayed and tried to get it out of Mrs. Tibbs but there was no way she would have talked to me. So, my options were limited.

I arrived at the library and it was surprisingly busy, which made me nervous. Everyone seemed to recognize me just for splashing water on a girl, so that wasn’t good.

Kelly was waiting outside for me.

“Come on,” she said.

“Why are we at a library?” I asked.

“Maybe you should stop asking questions and just follow me.”

“Lead the way then.”

We made our way through the library and I kind of expected us to head right to the computers, even though she probably had her own with a connection wherever she went, but instead we headed for the basement. I wanted to ask her why but I also didn’t want to be a pest so I just continued to follow, wondering what she was doing.

Once we got down to the basement Kelly started searching through a shelf of books that looked like they hadn’t been checked out in over a hundred years. She pulled a particularly large and old one, and brought it over to a table. We were all but alone except for one employee who was pointlessly organizing the shelves.

She started flipping through.

“You know if there is anything that we need to find we could probably just look on the Internet,” I told her. Although, I knew that there were some things that couldn’t be looked up that way.

“Yeah,” she replied. “Here. Look.” She turned the book and pushed it my way. I looked at the page and read the title: The Terrible Three.

“The Terrible Three,” I said out loud. “The first witches.”

“I was talking with Mrs. Tibbs and she just brushed over it. I pressed it further but she didn’t know anymore, but then I remembered reading about it a long time ago.”

“Yikes. These three certainly lived up to the name they were given.”

“Yes. They were the most ruthless and evilest of witches that have ever walked this Earth.”

“Yeah, I remember. What’s your point?”

“I said I had never ran into a witch before,” she started, “but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know about them. The amount of cats that have disappeared is astronomical, which would probably mean a large spell. You also mentioned that the witch felt strong.”

“Yeah, I did.” I could feel it in my gut when we were almost killed by her.

“These witch sisters terrorized throughout the ages until sometime in the 1500’s.”

“Right. Two of them were burned but the third no one ever saw again.”

“Exactly, but there have been supposed sightings throughout the years,” she continued.

“Yeah I know but I still don’t see why you think this involves her.”

“The last time she was seen was during the witch trials where 28 cats went missing.” A little something left out of the history books.

I thought about how many were missing this time and the number landed right on 28. Uh oh.

“If I’m right,” Kelly started, “we have one of the first witches here in Salem and whatever she is planning she is going to do it very soon…”

The Witch Sisters: Part Six

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